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  1. Yeti370

    Illinois F/S: 21" Wheels for spares

    Selling used 21" wheels for spares. The wheels came off my truck. The rear have tread left and the two front are very worn. Asking $600 ea for rear, and $400 ea for front. Located in Northern Illinois. Wheel 1: Wheel 2: Wheel 3: Wheel 4:
  2. Yeti370

    Weak AC?

    Does anyone else think that the AC in their truck is a little weak. Its always seems like it wasnt really blowing cold air, but yesterday it was 90 here and while setting it at the coldest setting, it seems like it never really got that cold. I got in my wifes car and noticed a dramatic...
  3. Yeti370

    Steering wheel feedback over bumpy roads?

    Ive noticed since taking delivery of my R1T, that the steering wheel vibrates over bumps and even shakes a lot when driving 40mph + on bumpy roads. Ive driven other cars to see if this is normal and if Im only noticing it because its new and Im more observant. But, other vehicles have no wheel...