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  1. jambaman84

    22" Range Wheels on 2nd Gen R1 - With and Without Aero Covers (Photos)

    On there configurator, all 22in tires have the same range. Has Rivian not updated the specs or tested it for real world? It doesn't make sense if the 22 Darks have the same range as the 22 Range.. All show 410 miles.
  2. jambaman84

    Wassym AMA Summary - from 6/13/2024 (Gen1, Gen2 & More)

    I think this is only for gen2 with their upgraded cameras and sensors.
  3. jambaman84

    Overcharging a Standard+ Battery

    I have a dual motor, standard+ pack. I also noticed this when I charged it to 100% for the first time. I legit thought the range was broken because it wasn't changing, even though I was driving for quite some time. From everyone on the forums, they all say standard+ is a software locked large...
  4. jambaman84

    2022-2024 Recall notice: Damaged upper B and/or C pillar trim panel attachment clip(s)

    We got a recall on our 23 R1S for the charging port. They are fixing it next week. They checked my 24 R1T and said mine was fine.
  5. jambaman84

    RJ, Rivian Service is Broken

    Agreed , the service is horrible. They are understaffed and overwhelmed with their work load. They had my truck parked in their parking lot for 2 weeks before even taking a look at it. They said they had way too many vehicles to fix before mine. I told them if they knew this, why didn't they...
  6. jambaman84

    AMA with Wassym tomorrow!

    Get your questions lined up!
  7. jambaman84

    Increased tire noise from OEM Pirelli 20" ATs after 13k miles

    I think we are gonna go with that as well when it's time to get new tires!
  8. jambaman84

    Increased tire noise from OEM Pirelli 20" ATs after 13k miles

    Rivian gave me a loaner R1T with 20" wheels.. they were so loud, it made me and my wife never want 20s ever. We currently have 22s and they are fine. Very little noise. When I returned the loaner, I asked the service center guys why it made so much noise, and they said it's the AT which makes...
  9. jambaman84

    Thoughts on the new R1 pricing structure?

    I think it is a mistake that Rivian is doing the nicer interior trims for higher end models. I paid 105k for my Quad R1S and that would only get me a tri motor vehicle right now.. Which is insane. I think had they opened up the interior trims and exterior colors to all models, they would have...
  10. jambaman84

    R1S Dashboard grill vibrating - Rivian fix

    Mine is at West Sacramento. Exactly, they can do all the repairs within a day.. I get it that they're booked up and have other cars to fix.. so why not let me keep my truck and call me when you can actually work on it? Instead of giving me a rental for 2 weeks before you even get to work on my...
  11. jambaman84

    R1S Dashboard grill vibrating - Rivian fix

    it's so frustrating! I honestly don't think they fixed anything on my list when I turned my car in.. and they had it for 2 weeks. All the stuff that I asked to fixed, are still here..
  12. jambaman84

    R1S Dashboard grill vibrating - Rivian fix

    Mine does that too. It's extremely annoying. I had taken it to the Service Center to get it fixed and they said they "fixed it".. but it still rattles.. I can see the dashboard literally move up and down over bumps.. Now I have another appointment to get this same issue fixed.. wtf man
  13. jambaman84

    Should Rivian honor this request or am I in the wrong?

    I would agree with everyone else. Getting a set of 21s for free is a win in itself. Unless Rivian actually said we'll pay for your PPF at a later time, and have it in writing. I think you won't get it done by them.
  14. jambaman84

    Autonomy Platform for Gen 1 vehicles

    That's coming to an end soon.. probably by the end of summer unfortunately.
  15. jambaman84

    Ok so the refresh came out... still good to get a 1st Gen R1T?

    I would get the newer rivian. Much more upgrades and future proof than what gen 1 currently has. But if they are offering a sweet deal on gen1 and you don't really care about all the potential sofrware upgrades and better cameras, go for gen1.
  16. jambaman84

    Standard+ owners lets pressure Rivian into unlocking the pack :-)

    I know they will offer an option to upgrade from dual motor to performance in the future, but you wil have to pay for it.. probably 5k .. I would think/hope they do the same for standard+ to unlock to large/max battery.. whatever its on. I have the standard+.. I got it so I could get the tax...
  17. jambaman84

    Spotted: Apple Watch As Key for Gen 2 Rivian! (I hope it works on G1, too!)

    After listening to what Wassym Bensaid mentioned in an interview yesterday (or previously recorded), he stated that there is way more potential for software updates that are fun with the gen 2 vehicles and while gen 1 will get updates, it won't be nearly as what the gen 2 will get. It kinda...
  18. jambaman84

    Storm Blue going to be limited only to tri/quad or will it come out for other configurations eventually?

    As of right now, it's only for the top trims.. which hurts my heart and wallet. I really hope they reconsider and allow it for any trim. But I think the hype is up right now, so they will keep it at the highest levels.
  19. jambaman84

    2025 R1T / R1S Refresh (2nd Gen) Reviews & First Looks -- Articles & Videos

    Thank you for the links and videos! Looks like Rivian hit a home run with the refresh. Really kicking myself getting an R1T 2 month ago now.. fml