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  1. Love All The Space Of R1T

    Been using my R1T to spread Christmas cheer to many of my customers. The R1T just works so well when loaded up with pizza, pop, treats, etc... To have a pick up, but still have a large frunk and gear tunnel is such a game changer in the pick-up world. And the drives with the Meridian sound...
  2. Gear Guard Alerts - Off

    Does anybody know if there is a way to have the gear guard on, but not give me the yellow dot alert everytime it records? I only need to see it if I see physical damage to my truck....not everytime I walk up to it myself(except at home...i have that off at least).
  3. Rivian Hubs -- do you frequent yours?

    For those of you who live in general vicinity of a Rivian hub and have taken delivery of a Rivian, do you go to the hub now and then to participate in programs, converse with other Rivian owners, etc, even after delivery? Genuinely curious if the hubs are being used that way.
  4. Conserve Mode Improvement Suggestion

    It would be nice, if when in conserve mode, if additional power is needed than the front motors can deliver....say at the top 20% of pedal travel, that the rear motors would engage and quickly give the driver added power.
  5. Powered Tonneau Curveball

    I decided this one warranted a new thread/topic. In case people are ignoring the other since the subject was something different. It appears Rivian has made a major stance change for existing owners who have powered tonneau covers. Most of us believed all existing customers would ultimately...
  6. Fridays Are Still The Weekend...Scheduled Charging

    Just plugged in after work day travels, on Friday at 4pm. Should not be charging per the schedule....but it did.
  7. Back to serious stuff.....we going to get some 4th of July sounds and theme?

    Seems about time for a theme with sounds to lighten the room a bit.... How about a very cool July 4th theme?
  8. Tacoma Power Up Tailgate

    Looks like Toyota figured out how to make a power up tailgate work on the 2024 Tacoma. I know Rivian wanted to make that happen originally on R1T. Maybe that means for sure it comes in a next gen Rivian R1T.
  9. Set navigation audio to a fixed off?

    Is there a way to set navigation audio to a fixed off? I know I can use the slider to set to zero, but it seems I am always "accidentally" moving it up when I really just intend to raise music volume, but it must be in the moment navigation is "saying" something at my zero volume. So instead...
  10. PAAK Change Since Update No Key Detected

    Since the update, my Galaxy S20 is not always being detected in truck when I go to put in drive or reverse. It almost always worked fine prior to update. I walk up to truck and take phone out of pocket (mine has always pretty much needed me to do this) and the truck unlocks. Then I get in and...
  11. Wisconsin Sold: (4) 1EV Pucks W/Case (non-official)

    (4) 1EV Pucks for sale with a Caseling Case I purchased separately. $110 includes shipping in continental US.
  12. Charging Door Exterior Capacitive Switch

    Mine seems to have just died. I did do the left steering/hazard reset to see if it would fix and it didn't. Now waiting like an hour for a deep sleep cycle to maybe make it work again. Luckily I can open from center display inside truck. But for now...outside capacitive won't react...
  13. We need a Re-Lock Time Out for PAAK

    We really need a re-lock time out option for PAAK. User adjustable. Let me pick from 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min....maybe even 10 min. Whenever the vehicle is unlocked, do not re-lock on a loss of PAAK signal, until that user set time limit has been exceeded. Everytime I am...
  14. Why doesnt Rivian leave voicemails?

    Whenever Rivian calls me for any service related issues, they never leave voicemail. Instead they seem to wait an extended period of time and try again. Why not a name and a number so i can call back immediatly as soon as I can? Or a text with a name and number for me to call back. Or an...
  15. Level Sensor/Kneel Mode/Camp Leveling/Parking Brake

    Seems however level is determined in the truck, mine is either off or lost. This isn't regarding the front right dip many have (I had it fixed and still slightly present...back in spring)... This is that my truck seems to have either lost communication with whatever determines level or the...
  16. Random Frunk Opening

    I have had I believe three incidence where the frunk has opened itself while I was away from the truck. I thought maybe I was doing something, but now I am convinced it is happening on its own. Anybody else seem to fund their truck with the frunk open when they return from somewhere and it...
  17. Vegan Leather VS Animal Hide Leather

    Munro posted a video where they take issue with the name "Vegan Leather". My question is about what actually touches your skin in both cases and ultimately does it matter what is under that. Meaning I believe hide leather is still typically coated with a polymer in most automotive...
  18. Snow Driving And Regen Braking

    I am curious if anyone can comment on regen braking on snow/ice covered surfaces. I have always found with ice vehicles(pun sort of intended this time)that when going over icy road surfaces, such as bridges, etc... in winter driving, that zero change in throttle, no braking, no steering...is...
  19. Half Shaft/Axle Retention Bolt

    I want to check mine, but after alot of searching forums, I cannot find what torque these should be tightened to. Does anybody know what the torque should be?
  20. Spring / Shock Unit Cut Away Image or Diagram?

    Has anybody found a cutaway of the interior of the spring/shock units in the R1's? Just really curious on what is where inside those things.