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  1. Range Loss for R1S with a loaded 3 bike hitch rack quad S

    Minimal range loss with 4 bikes on Thule t2 with my DM R1S. This was without plugging in the extra lights since attaching them will force trailer mode which is much less efficient with the DM.
  2. Tesla Supercharger Rates -OUCH!!

    Go down to El Monte, CA. Not sure why that one doesn’t have a line at any time the sun is out.
  3. Beta: 2024.19 Software Update: Suspension, Visual Interface, Live Blind Spot Camera, Climate Control, OTA scheduling, Google Maps Improvements & More

    Those are dates, specifically week numbers. Seems like they skipped a release timeframe and bundled it all up in this release. Week 19 is actually May 6-12 so this has been ready to go for some vehicles for a while.

    OP leased, but that return policy looks useful.

    You'll have to bring it in and no, they won't be able to promise anything. The bringing it in part is the part that people wait months for. Just force them to take it and get into the service center queue. These things happen, but they will make the car right, and you'll only lose a week hopefully.
  6. R1S Dashboard grill vibrating - Rivian fix

    We're talking about the front center piece? Mine only does it on extremely bumpy roads. Went "off-roading" and the constant vibrating made it move.

    a/c is crucial and they should definitely bring you in earlier. That still might mean you have to wait 1 week to get the car back though...
  8. Fooling the truck about a trailer being attached so adaptive/Driver+ isn't disabled

    Wait... is this why my 4-bike hitch rack used seemingly double the energy when I had my lights engaged vs not engaged? Good thing I didn't plug it in when doing the 200mi one-ways since I wanted adaptive cruise.
  9. Thoughts on the new R1 pricing structure?

    I think they realized the quad is not profitable at G1 quad pricing. So they went halfsies between a DM axel and a QM axel with one of each (simpleton's view) and kept the G1 quad price.
  10. I Spent Two Days With Gen-2 R1 Vehicles. Here’s My Thoughts as a Rivian Owner...

    We don't actually get the media accounts, right? Just the ability to use them with the OS?
  11. Battery Overheating???

    How does one decrease amperage at a RAN charger?
  12. Creative ways to extend range and/or charge your Rivian

    This is true unless the larger vehicle meets enough force and stops quicker than they would with braking. Maybe something like a construction vehicle in the road or a disabled big rig... not saying its often, but understand its not 100% safe.
  13. Biggest downgrade for Gen2 R1?

    Felt like they couldn't improve the max pack so decided to save costs on the Large to create the necessary gaps. I didn't get the max because of the paltry increase from Large for an absurd amount of money.
  14. Biggest downgrade for Gen2 R1?

    Wouldn't all this extra voltage take a lot more in costs? Home charging isn't passing level 2 anytime soon so all of this extra cost would just be to appease the infrequent fast charge?
  15. Creative ways to extend range and/or charge your Rivian

    The only issue with this is I have to stay in the lane with the huge trucks throwing up pebbles, hay, onion skins, etc.
  16. 2 Months and 5 Camping Trips: Review/tips on camping and sleeping in the R1S

    This one won't apply to us ATT cell users. Too bad Rivian won't allow us to choose our own provider so we can get double network coverage