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  1. No software update for January 2024?

    It's been 19 days since the last update. Damn man how frequently do you want updates?
  2. How often do you have to reset your Rivian wall charger?

    Just had to reset it after ~3 months. I have a friend who got his before me and I was warned about this problem. Hopefully this is my only reset. But it just stopped charging and prompted me to re-pair the wall charger.
  3. UPDATED FIXED: - Starting to struggle with accepting Rivian's service tactics! Hoping others agree...

    Rivian owner wants to be treated like they're the only Rivian owner on earth. Doesn't have realistic expectations of a company who's just now standing up service centers and training mechanics. Believes if something is urgent to them, SC must drop all wrenches and sprint, nay, fly, to the...
  4. Headlight Wink

    Would love that. I've just been waving at people, but would love a wink button
  5. Rivian Horrible customer/Service support

    Do you not own electronics? Is this your first experience with anything with a circuit in it? Literally everything with a chip in it will have "turn it off and turn it back on" as step 1 in every troubleshooting guide on earth. Stop being nonsensical.
  6. Software Update 2023.46.0 is rolling out

    My proximity unlock has been totally borked since updating to 46. Both locking and unlocking no longer work
  7. Headlight Out

    "My car makes a clunking noise. Let me schedule a service appointment.....what do you mean you need a video of the noise, and more information about where it's coming from?! THE NOISE IS CLUNKING! JUST TAKE MY CAR!"
  8. California 2022 R1T Adventure Package- $72,000 -Midnight Exterior, Ocean Coast Interior

    What's your current daily that beats this one out? Looks like it's in great shape and fairly priced. GLWS
  9. 2023.46 Software Update Details (Highway Assist / Driver+ / Navigation & More...)

    Hmm I'm still on .38. Wonder if it'll prompt me to just skip and go to this one.
  10. First experience at San Antonio Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) charging location!

    $0.35 per Kwh is hardly "way too expensive". That's the average home rate in California. It's a mark up in most other places, but you're barely paying a premium to charge away from home at 150+ KW
  11. Driver+ and Cruise Control Unsafe Motor Temps?

    Well next time I'm on a road trip I'm going to let it run and see how high it goes. If the temps get to 400 degrees, should I still worry since I wouldn't have known that without a temp gauge? Not worrying about a problem because you don't have the instruments to measure it is moronic.
  12. Driver+ and Cruise Control Unsafe Motor Temps?

    In my case it's not being used to heat the battery though. It's not during the part of the trip where I am going to a fast charger and the battery is being prepped. Nor does the battery temp increase. The battery stays steady around 70 degrees, while the motors climb close to 300.
  13. Driver+ and Cruise Control Unsafe Motor Temps?

    I've observed that when I use adaptive cruise control and Driver+ on long road trips, there will be a stretch where those modes cause the motor temps to consistently climb. They'll climb to 270+ before I disengage them, after which the temp gradually drops back to normal operating temps. Has...
  14. Does Lucid Gravity solve many of Rivian R1S issues for families?

    Why does this read like someone asked ChatGPT to write a really biased comparison of the two vehicels?
  15. Anyone else have a disappointing delivery experience?

    Rivian can't sell their cars fast enough. Pretty sure if you move on they'll be perfectly fine with that. If you want a dealership to stroke your ego because you're buying a car, buy a Bentley. The diva attitude gets you no sympathy points.
  16. Project Midnight R1T

    Most people would balk at spending that much on mods for their car, but you had a vision, and it turned out amazing! What an awesome outcome!
  17. Tune Outdoor Camper M1 Build

    Man this alone makes me wish I had gotten the T instead of the S. But I do love my S.
  18. Carjacking- How to stop it?

    Funny enough you're actually not just wrong, but the exact opposite of what you said is true: https://www.koin.com/news/crime/oregon-washington-among-states-with-highest-rates-of-car-theft-in-2022-fbi/#:~:text=Between%202020%20and%202022%2C%20Oregon,to%20Portland%20Police%20Bureau%20statistics.
  19. 2022 RIVIAN R1T, 11,200 miles, Launch Edition

    Is it just me or is that rear left tire at a strange angle?
  20. Second Charger at vacation house

    Sounds like this software problem might lie between the ears. Plenty of people have two chargers working.