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  1. kanundrum

    Mid Atlantic Detailing/PPF Group Buy

    Team I have been working with this Detail/PPF Shop for several years and and have put together a group buy for us Rivian Owners here. The Detailing shop is based out of Sterling, VA and has been detailing super cars and my personal cars for years (when I get lazy)...
  2. kanundrum

    Official feature: Rivian Key | The durable, shareable, submersible gear to access your R1T and R1S
  3. kanundrum

    R1S Owners Guide Manual Available! 📒
  4. kanundrum

    Rivian Heat Pump Patent Filed
  5. kanundrum

    My Car Care Products

    Detailing See below: Basics (See Below): Grit Guard: Use this to rub dirt off your sponge in a 2 or three stage bucket system wash. Works with most home depot/car wash 5 gallon buckets, recommend 1 for each bucket you use. Foam Cannon: Make washing easy with a Foam Cannon that connects...
  6. kanundrum

    [Official] MARCH 2022 R1T + R1S Tow Operator Guide & Troubleshooting

    The How too has been available for along time but haven't saw it around the forum just assumed everyone had it but here is a March 15th Updated Copy for R1S.
  7. kanundrum

    DMV Spotted Section

    Just to put everything in one location, here is a DMV spotted section. From Todays EV Car Show and a Dealership Visit.
  8. kanundrum

    My R1T First Look and Impressions (Mobile Drive Added 4/27)

    Here are my First Drive Impressions: So Finally had my first drive, I know there are a ton of reviews out there but I figure Ill throw in my 2 cents for what its worth. Honestly at this point in time I was hoping to have a R1S 8 Step process and the whole jazz and I would Forgo any mobile...
  9. kanundrum

    Out of Spec Reviews: How R1T handles in the snow

    @OutofSpecKyle we love the content!
  10. kanundrum

    Rivian App Update 1.3.0

    Smaller than previous version showing shift to more cloud based items. Less Local data with more cloud base transactions including color, configuration updates linking to your account. Previous a LOT of local graphics and now all cloud base graphics and commands to redraw based on color etc...
  11. kanundrum

    Washington DC Area Test Drives Happening

    From a heads up from @SeaGeo First Mile event in the DC area is happening. Check your profile for a calendar icon (it did not show up for me, but maybe you) From @mikeB