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  1. swhme

    Maine Rivian Meetup: Sun 5/22 10am

    Where: Cars and Coffee, Furniture Superstore, 245 Western Ave, South Portland, ME 04106 When: Sunday, May 22, 9am-11am I'll bring my LG/FE truck. If anybody else has a truck to bring, please do! pinging folks who expressed interest in the other thread: @jose @Mhcosentino @kewlasu @Newb26...
  2. swhme

    Trash Can (gasp!)

    My R1T is now my primary daily driver, which means lots of kid hauling, starbucks runs, etc, and the trash that comes along with it. Has anybody found a trash can that fits nicely on the floor between the two back seats? I used a simplehuman bathroom trash can there in my F150 and it was...
  3. swhme

    Hard buttons on R1T don’t work when using PAAK

    I got my truck yesterday, and noticed a strange bug, couldn’t find any mention, so I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing it… When I have my fob with me, everything works fine. When I went out with only my phone, none of the external hard buttons would work (tailgate, tonneau, gear...
  4. swhme

    Maine Rivian Get Together

    We discussed a bit in the other thread— who would be interested in either bringing a truck so others can check it out or coming to check out trucks in the Portland area? I’m getting mine on Tuesday and would be happy to let folks check it out. I attended a similar event in Texas a few weeks...
  5. swhme

    Driving my Tesla on a dirt road voided my warranty

    I've been an EV fan for a while, and I have a 2015 Model S 90D and my wife has a 2021 Model Y. This year, my son has been going to a "wilderness preschool" where he goes on daily hikes, learns how to climb trees and build campfires and identify plants and all that good stuff. Getting to this...