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  1. hed

    Slow rolling windows

    The windows on our R1T are really slow to roll down. Slowest of any car we currently own, by far. I've read others have noticed this so I'm assuming it's the same for most R1Ts. I find it somewhat annoying. Something that I have not run across until now, seems like a needless PITA. Any...
  2. hed

    It's finally here. First impressions

    After many trials and tribulations we have finally taken possession of our R1T. Today's delivery was even a mess, but it all worked out in the end. Some really quick impressions (I'll have to do a more detailed review after I get more seat time).. 1. I really like the Forest Green, glad I...
  3. hed

    Saw my yet to be delivered truck on YT just now

    Our R1T is scheduled to be delivered this coming Wednesday, so to pass the time today I decide to watch new Rivian content online. As I am surfing through I come across a video of a guy showing off a not yet delivered R1T. He starts showing the exterior and then jumps in the truck and shows the...
  4. hed

    What's reasonable?

    Our delivery date was March 25th. That morning we received a text from our guide saying the truck had been damaged in transit. Guide estimated 2 weeks for repair. After not hearing any updates I reached out to our guide who said the truck was at a body shop getting estimates and I should get it...
  5. hed

    Bummer... no delivery today. Our R1T was damaged during transit.

    We were scheduled to receive our vehicle today. The first text I received this morning was from our guide letting us know our truck was damaged during transit. Rear part of truck. Not sure how extensive it was. ETA 'guess' is a couple of weeks. Talk about a bummer.
  6. hed

    March/April delivery contact poll

    Please only participate in the poll If you were given a March/April time frame.
  7. hed

    Towing impact videos

    Not sure if anyone's posted this yet. another video....
  8. hed

    Youtubers discuss delay

    Sorry if this has been posted already. Nothing really new here, just noting that the lack of communication and they all seem resigned to a much longer wait than anticipated.