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  1. swhme

    Audi Integrates Apple Music Directly in their Entertainment System

    I did a comparison today— same song on Apple Music (over Bluetooth) and Spotify (on truck), both set to highest quality. Spotify sounds like there’s a pillow in front of the speaker. It’s fine for convenience and background music, but when I’m driving by myself, it’s nearly unlistenable and...
  2. swhme

    Will I be the only Rivian in New England?

    that looks familiar! Here’s the same truck without the glass in the way…
  3. swhme

    Current look at Brooklyn Rivian Service Center's parking lot full of R1T

    New England is delivered out of the Boston SC… I’d bet Brooklyn delivery radius is something like New Haven to the north, Philly to the south? Is there a Philly SC?
  4. swhme

    Regretting not ordering the Rivian Wall Charger

    It’s going to take a lot of years of getting the lower power rate to pay that off…
  5. swhme

    Don't hate me cause I'm an Idiot.

    @moosehead I feel you. I’m in the process of dumping more than I paid for my Rivian into a 12 year old BMW station wagon with 115k miles on it.
  6. swhme

    Native Apple Music App in Audi vehicles

    I really wish we would add this option, I much prefer Apple Music to Spotify…
  7. swhme

    RJ Shows interior of R1S (Canyon Red)

    El Cap is 😍 in person. I think EC/FE is the best looking combo, but I suspect that EC will be very hard to keep looking clean. Dark colored cars always look dirty if they’re not super clean.
  8. swhme

    RJ Shows interior of R1S (Canyon Red)

    And Range Rover. And BMW X5, at least my 2011 did, I don’t know if they still do
  9. swhme

    Anyone delay their order?

    I talked to one of the service folks who is going to be working out of the ATX center, he said they are expecting to be online in July…
  10. swhme

    Maine Rivian Meetup: Sun 5/22 10am

    A friend just told me that Sunday is cars and coffee in south Portland, so let’s just do it there! at furniture superstore, 245 Western Ave South Portland, ME 04106 9-11
  11. swhme

    OTA Update 2022.15 Software Release Notes

    Mine was delivered on Tuesday with 2022.12, updated to 2022.15 today
  12. swhme

    RJ buys the dip and picks up $1M of Rivian stock

    Yep, it's a pretty binary outcome. Either Sandy Munro is right and the new Big 3 American car companies are Tesla, Rivian and Ford, or they go bankrupt. And since we're here buying the trucks, I'm guessing we're all believing it'll be option 1.
  13. swhme

    Maine Rivian Get Together

    Confirmed for Sunday, I made a new thread so the towels would accurately reflect…
  14. swhme

    TONNEAU ISSUES / TROUBLES POLL - Headaches for Us and Rivian?

    Another data point-- this morning, I had a bunch of pine needles on it. I opened it a bit-- ~20 needles went into the mechanism. I reversed it, and ~5 came back out. This isn't going to end well.
  15. swhme

    New Mexico pre orders?

    Thanks! DM sent...
  16. swhme

    FE Green Interiors with confirmed 8-Stepper or Actual Delivery

    @LoneStar I refreshed that page every hour 😂 FWIW, for me, step 8 never opened up, they texted me to schedule. And they don't check your uploaded documents until 24-48 hours before your scheduled delivery.
  17. swhme

    Maine Rivian Meetup: Sun 5/22 10am

    Where: Cars and Coffee, Furniture Superstore, 245 Western Ave, South Portland, ME 04106 When: Sunday, May 22, 9am-11am I'll bring my LG/FE truck. If anybody else has a truck to bring, please do! pinging folks who expressed interest in the other thread: @jose @Mhcosentino @kewlasu @Newb26...
  18. swhme

    Trash Can (gasp!)

    My R1T is now my primary daily driver, which means lots of kid hauling, starbucks runs, etc, and the trash that comes along with it. Has anybody found a trash can that fits nicely on the floor between the two back seats? I used a simplehuman bathroom trash can there in my F150 and it was...
  19. swhme

    Rivian Patents Front Bumper with a Winch (Fairlead)

    Man oh man, I hope this comes along before too long.
  20. swhme

    Poll: Time From Guide Contact to Delivery

    You’ve got a vin now… you should send your guide a message and ask about the current location of your truck and whether they have an ETA for it to arrive at your local SC If your experience is similar to mine, it needs to get to your SC, go through two PDIs, then you’ll get a text from the SC...