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    Compass Yellow Rivian R1T at the Denver Service Center!

    Finally met this one. I think it's my favorite color.
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    ALL 10 Rivian colors compared!

    Hi fellow Rivianeers - I put together this video survey of all the colors. I had all but one until a week ago when I finally met the Limestone. I tried to make several comparisons for anyone who is still wondering how the colors look next to each other. The video walks through each of the colors...
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    38 New R1Ts in Denver - including Limestone with Forest Edge!!

    oh man they are beautiful. The guys even let me peek inside to get a closeup of the Forest Edge:
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    Rivian Denver Meetup this Saturday April 30

    Hey Rivianeers! If you're in the Denver area, please join us this Saturday 11am-1pm for a geek-tastic Spring get together with some Rivian owners, reservation holders, and fans. It will be at the New Terrain Brewing Company in Golden, CO on the north end of Denver. No agenda, just an inaugural...
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    R1T underhood (frunk) look -- parts identified

    Got a chance to film the Out of Spec crew pulling out the frunk tub. So, I identified some of the main parts. There were a few small things that the crew couldn't identify but I think I got the big ones..
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    After a long wait, here she is! Anyone in the Denver area - reach out and lets drive!
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    Denver Open House - and 44 R1Ts in the lot!

    Hi all, it seems like there is a lot of movement lately. Last week there were 21 R1Ts in the lot (including the service and employee vehicles). Yesterday, that number ballooned to 44! And, we were told, that all of those 44 are for pre-order customers. It was a small event (the Rivian folks told...
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    R1T Battery Cooling Louvers under the grill?

    Met up with a fellow Rivian fan here in Denver today and we stopped by the Denver Service Center to see if the R1Ts were home. They were! We noticed an interesting movement inside the small grill below the trunk that I hadn't seen before. Looks like there is a moving louver system to keep the...
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    Favorite Videos of 2021(Rivian Dad)

    Hey all - hope you're having a great new year! Maybe a few days overdue (thank you COVID and kid duty!), but here is my year-end picks of my favorite videos of last year (and a bit). Thanks to all of YOU for building this amazing community.
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    NY Post Article - Rivian "future of sexy electric cars"

    Nice article quoting a couple of the folks in the Rivian community:
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    R1T total height with roof racks?

    Just measuring out specs for a new garage I'm building to hold the R1T (gotta give it a real home!). I see on the Rivian web site the specs that list the height in various ways (below). But can't find anywhere that shows a measurement WITH the rack on the rooftop. Anyone know, or can make an...
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    Motor Trend - Rivian R1T: Electrifying the Outdoors - Final Leg (5) posted

    Here's the final installment of the Motor Trend series where they crossed the Trans America Trail: and here are the others (in reverse order) if you haven't seen them. I suppose I'm partial to "Leg 4" since they passed through Colorado: Leg 4: Leg 3: Leg 2: Leg 1:
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    Rebelle Rally starts up for Rivian R1T piloted by Emme and Rebecca!

    Emme and Rebecca are back at it! Here's the video from the tech inspection where they did a very brief overview of the team and truck starting at 52:20. Looks like they're driving a Compass Yellow! Good luck to team 140!
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    R1T Storage Space clarification

    Hi All - I was going through storage info for the R1T and realized it's unclear how Rivian is counting storage. The web site says total storage is 68 cu ft. And the web site lists the front trunk at 11 cu ft, and the gear tunnel at 11.6 cu ft. The truck bed is listed at 29 cu ft...
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    Rivian Adventure Network - Deep Dive / Analysis (Four Corners region)

    So, I may be a little Rivian obsessed... :) After the announcement of the RAN plan, I wanted to take a deep dive into the region where I live and play. I'm based in Denver, but have family in Arizona and Utah. Some common routes for me are: Denver to Phx (via Albequerque); Denver to Salt Lake...
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    R1T - Running, Brake, Signal, and Fog lights

    These three screen shots from "The Long Weekend" ( clearly show the behavior of the brake lights and running lights. It seems that the running light across the tail gate does NOT light up when the brakes are pressed. But, the safety lights above the rear window do, and two...
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    Configurator Strategy?

    Only hours away from the new configurator, I'm curious about your strategy around how you'll configure. I actually have two reservations, one R1T and one R1S. I reserved both before I knew that I could switch from one to the other upon configuration (now we know that we can). I have decided the...