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  1. ATL_Canes

    “Service Suspension System Soon”

    This notification popped up today after going over a speed bump. Truck seems to be driving normally, and air suspension still lifts and drops without issue. I’ve already spoken to service folks and they are on it. We did the sleep cycle reset, and that didn’t clear it. Next step is diagnostics...
  2. ATL_Canes

    Second Rivian Factory Most Likely to be in Georgia. Late-Stage Negotiations Ongoing (Apologies if article is paywalled) Electric vehicle maker Rivian Automotive is in late-stage discussions to open a vehicle manufacturing and battery plant east of Atlanta along Interstate...
  3. ATL_Canes

    Article - Tesla first to market (no mention of Rivian)

    There is literally no mention of Rivian in this article. Is that intentional? Lazy?