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  1. ATL_Canes

    First Safety Issue Recall: 2022 Rivian R1T Front Passenger Airbag May Not Be Deactivated Automatically

    On the bright side, this fixes my issue with getting the sunscreen stains off of the passenger seat. :)
  2. ATL_Canes

    What’s your best “OMG is that a Rivian?!?” sighting moment?

    It happens daily in some form, but this weekend was maybe the funniest. At a stop light, the car next to me honks (not unusual), so I roll down the window and get hit with… “What the f*ck is that?!” I respond with “A Rivian, it’s an all electric truck.” “Who the f*ck makes it?!” “Rivian.” “It’s...
  3. ATL_Canes

    Feedback on cleaning Pleather (vegan leather)

    And here everyone was worried about the light interior showing stains!... I have Black Mountain interior and someone sat in one of the seats with sunscreen on, and now the sunscreen marks are on the seat. I've done a little digging and from what I can tell, using a mild soap and a soft...
  4. ATL_Canes

    Rattles & Squeaks

    Following - I've noticed this a bit as well, especially when I go over speed bumps. Trying to figure out if it's normal (within spec) or not. I wish I could schedule another test drive just so I can take a different R1T over the same roads I drive to see what's normal and what isn't.
  5. ATL_Canes

    Cabin reads too hot?

    I’ve noticed the same. App says cabin is 90+, but it certainly isn’t quite that hot in there. 🤷
  6. ATL_Canes

    Rivian Air Suspension concerns?

    You calling me fat?! 😂 I’ll have my wife measure over the weekend and will report back.
  7. ATL_Canes

    Rivian Air Suspension concerns?

    Thanks for this - I went and found @Jazzyjeff139 post on RS and read through it. Very helpful. Sounds like he's in the same boat as me - there is definitely a lean, but as of now it doesn't really seem to be impacting performance. Maybe a software update fixes it, or maybe I just need to have...
  8. ATL_Canes

    Rivian Air Suspension concerns?

    I've had an on-going issue/non-issue, and am just curious if anyone else is seeing something similar. I've been convinced that the front-passenger side is sitting slightly lower then the front-driver's side (maybe 1/2"). I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks, but I took a tape measure to...
  9. ATL_Canes

    What is your wishlist for the phone app?

    Ability to change max charge level. Use case is if my default is 70%, but I decide in the evening that I’m going to take a longer drive tomorrow, then I can change to 85% or 100% for tonight’s charge. Similarly (but probably not an app thing), the ability to tell the car when I need to leave...
  10. ATL_Canes

    BofA has never heard of the Rivian R1T?

    I used BoA and didn’t have any issues. The rep on the phone knew all about Rivian as well. The process was actually pretty smooth to be honest, and their rates were WAY lower than Chase (low 2s vs. 4s). Luck of the draw I guess.
  11. ATL_Canes

    Any ATL area buyers with March/April Window?

    Has anyone that's received their truck done window tinting yet (preferably up north of the City)? Looking for a recommendation on a good, reputable shop. Thanks in advance!
  12. ATL_Canes

    Washer Fluid Reminds Me of Something...

    HOLY SH*T! My wife and kids the other day said they smelled mint right after I used the washer fluid, and they are convinced it's a minty fluid in there.
  13. ATL_Canes

    Ask us Rivian R1T owners ANYTHING [AMA]!

    Man, I feel bad because I started this by just asking if you could display state of charge (I couldn't find it in the menus and just wanted to see if I was missing it). My preference for the % of battery is rooted in my Tesla experience, for which the estimated mileage remaining wasn't as...
  14. ATL_Canes

    34" inch AT tires on 20s rubbing in Conserve mode

    Someone listens to Carolla. :)
  15. ATL_Canes

    Ask us Rivian R1T owners ANYTHING [AMA]!

    Is there a way to toggle the battery status on the driver screen to show % of charge remaining instead of estimated mileage? I always preferred this view in my Tesla - for some reason it caused less range anxiety for me as it feels more precise than estimated mileage. As of now I can't find...
  16. ATL_Canes

    “Service Suspension System Soon”

    Update on mine - they picked up the truck from my house this morning a little before 8:00. I got some paperwork a few hours later via email, and then a call from the service manager. Here's what the paperwork said with respect to the cause: "Rear Right Comfort Valve Open was the alert...
  17. ATL_Canes

    “Service Suspension System Soon”

    I have done the soft reset and the sleep cycle reset, but not the hard reset. Service never instructed me to do more than that, so I held off. Unrelated to the suspension warning, I was also having some weird audio/Bluetooth synching issues in the beginning, but a soft reset cleared all of...
  18. ATL_Canes

    “Service Suspension System Soon”

    Keep me posted, and I'll do the same. They just called me and booked an appointment for the 11th.
  19. ATL_Canes

    “Service Suspension System Soon”

    And here's where my stupidity shows... can I tell easily if I'm missing damper plates?
  20. ATL_Canes

    “Service Suspension System Soon”

    No update yet from service - diagnostics is still reviewing. They really take this "soon" mantra pretty seriously! For those that have had suspension issues in cars (I admit I'm relatively dumb when it comes to cars), wouldn't it be painfully obvious if something was really wrong? I've...