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  1. zefram47

    Email: "New improvements to the purchasing experience" (automating the process more)

    Locking configs gives Rivian the ability to better plan blocks of like configurations for production runs. All this mess of trying to match people to trucks that don't match their configs will be eliminated if they actually know ahead of time what people want. All the folks changing their...
  2. zefram47

    CCS connectors coming to Tesla Superchargers in the US says Elon Musk

    Only because the Teslas sold there already use CCS.
  3. zefram47

    Radar Detector hard wire, who has done it?

    Booo. Hopefully someone figures something out. I have zero desire to rely on a sticky cup.
  4. zefram47

    Test drive impressions from Tesla owner

    Not all cars stay on the street. Those of us who go to the track want whatever they'll give us.
  5. zefram47

    PSA: Phone-as-a-Key Security Issue

    It really shouldn't be that difficult to use antenna diversity to determine if the "key" is in the car or outside and detect if there's a human in the vehicle. They clearly have to have an antenna both inside and outside and they've supposedly improved occupant detection. There's no reason why...
  6. zefram47

    Test drive impressions from Tesla owner

    Maybe hard to believe, but my i3-derived MINI is actually around the same weight as the newer i3s. And it has 205s all way more rubber than the i3. All the numbers I've seen say the MINI SE is 3150 lbs and nearly a 1-inch lower center of gravity than a Cooper S.
  7. zefram47

    Test drive impressions from Tesla owner

    Just normal motor whine. When I really romp on my MINI you can hear the same, but it's only a single motor and much lower power, so the whine is much quieter.
  8. zefram47

    Any tests done on Vampire battery drain?

    That could be the case. I know my Ring camera will occasionally turn on its IR illuminator when it grabs a snapshot even if there isn't motion detected.
  9. zefram47

    Rivian Tires Question: M/T vs A/T protection against punctures

    The stock AT tires on the 20s are still P-metric and not LT rated, so you're unlikely to see any difference in puncture resistance to any of the other options from the manufacturer.
  10. zefram47

    Electronic Nannies limiting Acceleration

    Probably a stupid question, but are you trying to launch in sport mode? The video/interview with RJ and Munro, RJ indicated you get 20% more torque in sport mode and the throttle mapping is much more aggressive. One of the recent software updates, maybe 2022.11.2, definitely made the truck...
  11. zefram47

    Getting in and out.. pretty high

    As in another thread, I sincerely hope this is NOT something enabled in any of the off-road modes. Last thing you want is the truck deciding to high-center itself on a rock just because you put it in park and hopped out.
  12. zefram47

    Test drive impressions from Tesla owner

    Trading a Corvette for a Rivian?! Yeah...not even remotely close in handling. Acceleration will be way better in the Rivian, but it won't stop as well as the Corvette. I went from test driving the R1T back into my electric MINI and started having second thoughts because the MINI was so much...
  13. zefram47

    First Mile Events linked to delivery timeline?

    Likely near zero correlation. I got a First Mile drive in Denver last month with a Max Pack preorder. They've stated several times that they aren't planning to start max pack deliveries until at least 2023. During the Denver Service Center open house I spoke with the person who was organizing...
  14. zefram47

    It's finally here. First impressions

    If they ever implement this, it needs to be disabled in ALL off-road modes. The absolute last thing I need is to park on an obstacle and have the truck lower itself, high centering on a rock. And yes, parking on an obstacle is not uncommon if you need to get out and look at how it's sitting to...
  15. zefram47

    Kyle from Out of Spec Drives The Lightning

    People need to stop spreading this misinformation. Unless congress changes it at some point, the current EV tax credit does not have any limit on MSRP or income. The only restriction is that once a manufacturer sells 200k EV/PHEVs the amount of the credit starts to decrease and eventually...
  16. zefram47

    PPF Affordable DIY from TWRAPS

    Geez...looks like $6300 for just the pre-cut film for the full truck. Starts to make the pro job price seem reasonable.
  17. zefram47

    Kyle from Out of Spec Drives The Lightning

    I've started watching at 1.5 or even 2x just to save time. The content is worth the watch, however you have to do it.
  18. zefram47

    The MPG Illusion (why we should maybe advocate for kwh/mi)

    I don't have a "tank" of miles...I have a tank of kWh and given a certain amount in the tank I know how far I can go. Wh/mi doesn't really do that without the extra step of taking the reciprocal. The math is just simpler. I also don't care about comparing against other vehicles. I care...
  19. zefram47

    Tesla to Rivian: Any Regrets?

    Motor noise is a pro in my opinion. These things are so quiet that you don't get any sense of speed, but detecting a subtle change in pitch is easy. No need to introduce fake engine/motor noise when you have the real deal. Unfortunately I've heard a rumor that Rivian's in-house motors are...
  20. zefram47

    The MPG Illusion (why we should maybe advocate for kwh/mi)

    Diehard mi/kWh fan here. And yes, I do the mental math constantly while driving my 110 mi rated range car. Until I get down below 25% I don't trust the car's estimated range. I live near/in mountainous areas and my consumption changes dramatically depending on where I drive and at many points...