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    Interesting Article on eVTOL

    Does require free registration/login:
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    Must Watch - Oldie but Goodie

    This just popped up in my YT feed, and I remembered it being one of my favorite Rivian/RJ videos, so I watched it again. There are SO many good tidbits of info in here, it's totally worth watching the entire 17 minutes...
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    Holiday Weekend Cooking

    What's everyone cooking for the holiday weekend? Brisket is on my smoker for tomorrow (why I'm up so late). Before:
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    Texas EV Direct Sales Hearing Next Week. Come Show Your Support!

    Sorry y'all, post edited...I got out over my skis a bit. There's a very important hearing this coming Tuesday in Austin. It would be a big help if the Rivian community could come out to show support at the hearing. Time should be finalized tomorrow & I'll post more details then.
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    HELP NEEDED for TX Direct Sales Effort

    Hey y'all (even my non-Texans). I know some of us Texans have sent him emails, but I need help to get the attention of the Chair of the Transportation Committee here in TX & decided to try Twitter. Can you help by giving some Twitter love (likes/retweets/replies of support)? I threw the...
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    Possible Rivian Meetup Locations

    I've realized that I enjoy contributions from a lot of people here & would enjoy events where I could hang out with y'all in person. Where would be some great locations for meetups once we have our Rivians? Some considerations are: 1) Accommodations - hotels, short term rentals, camping spots...
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    Pellet Grill/Smoker

    At your request @DB-EV . Pellet grills/smokers are a cheat code for smoking meats. They burn compressed wood pellets that provide both heat & smoke. You set the desired temp & there is a controller that runs a fan and an auger that feeds the wood pellets, so they can very precisely regulate...
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    Bloomberg Article on Rivian Production & Volume

    There are some good tidbits in here about production & volume. Do we have any members here with knowledge of production ramp process & volumes? I'm curious how quickly Rivian might be able to hit the first year average of 800 vehicles per week...
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    Rivian Bluetooth Speaker / Lantern - Details & Video!

    Y'all, this video just dropped & there's some additional specs as well. Check it out:
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    The Power of Deep Learning/Neural Networks

    This is not Rivian-related specifically, but pretty cool results using AI similar to what companies are using for Autonomous Driving capabilities. Plus, I know there is a decent number of fellow tech people on here. And even for those who aren't, this is a use case that will change our world...
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    2 Predictions - R1S Second Row, and Configurator Sneak Peek

    Alright, I have two interesting predictions based on further review (and revelation?) looking at the updated website: 1) The R1S second row will be convertible from bench to captains chairs, by removing the center seat. Yes, I know the text on the site says 60/40, but this image is new &...
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    Polaris Partners with Zero to Electrify its Lineup

    I've been expecting this for awhile & am excited to see what they come up with.
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    Rivian, PLEASE Fix This!

    Rivian, These vehicles are touted as adventure & off road vehicles. I'm not sure exactly what this is, but it looks like wiring, and it really doesn't matter what it is. This mystery dangler could easily get stuck on a branch in a trail, caught or crushed by a rock, or some other instance of...
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    Air Suspension will Come from Dunlop in UK Dunlop Systems website:
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    Potential Truly Game Changing Tech - Nano Diamond Self Charging Batteries

    If this proves to be viable & safe, it will change our entire existence.
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    Rivian Exec Says Interior will "Wow" Buyers

    Brief but interesting article. Love to hear about the focus on quality & the brands that Rivian is benchmarking. Rivian Exec Vows Its Vehicle Interiors Will Wow Buyers Startup EV maker plans to...
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    Solid State Battery Progress...Still 5 Years out for EVs

    Good for Solid Power (Ford is an investor), who will have an ASSB available next year. I'm guessing they will start with small electronics while automotive testing is done over the next few years.
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    GM to Help Expand EVgo Charging
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    Your Actual Place in Reservation Line, Based on Rivian Preorder #

    DISCLAIMER - This is based on some BIG assumptions and might not be correct. Also, this is not exact, but should give a good approximation. However, my analysis leads me to believe this is not only feasible, but likely...just look at the chart. See further below for the general/rough...
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    Please post the date of your preorder, and use the directions below to find your Order #, then post it in this thread. FOUND IT! You better do it quick before they update the website. Click the link for "View Details" in your preorder confirmation email. Right click to view source Search (Ctrl...