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  1. Riviot

    Non-Rivian Servicing

    We have a road trip starting Friday, and I don't think the Bellevue Service Center will get us in to fix my steering alignment by then. It's pretty bad, to the point where activating Driver+ causes the car to swerve right and quickly back left to lane center. This has got to be fixed before we...
  2. Riviot

    Tire Pressure for Road Trip

    We're gearing up for a road trip in a couple weeks and I'm considering pumping up the tires to 52psi. I used to pump my Rover's tires to eek out the extra 1mpg, which was an 8% increase, but I wonder if I would see a similar result in the R1T on 20" ATs, a ~25 mile range gain? Has anyone tried...
  3. Riviot

    Yakima SKS cores for sale

    If anyone has ordered the crossbars and any other Yakima accessory with mismatched cores, or no cores like my case with the bike racks, I have 6 A152s available. $10 each or $50 for the set. PM me if you're interested!
  4. Riviot

    R1T over-bed bikes on Yakima HighRoad Bike Mount

    Tldr; don't sell your hitch racks quite yet. @Nermal motivated me to load all my bikes and see their fitting. @Dark-Fx and his Yakima Front Loaders look like a better fit. With High Roads, your room for error is towards the spoiler, which leads to dirty tires bumping and scratching the paint...
  5. Riviot

    What am I looking at?

    I found this in my yard after a windy day, and have no idea where it came from. It says the same thing on the back. It feels like a fabric/paper sticker. I'm more curious than concerned...
  6. Riviot

    Phantom... Parking?

    I just picked up an aerator from Home Depot and was reversing from my parking spot to the pickup spot. I couldn't go over 4mph or further than 30ft without the truck slamming into Park. I tried going real slow, it kept stopping and putting it in park. The only warning I got was "Slow down before...
  7. Riviot

    Is 70% the best charge limit?

    So after a week with the R1T, my first electric vehicle, I'm still learning charging patterns, frequencies, and needs. I generally only drive Friday-Sunday right now, my current commute is mostly bicycle and public transit. My understanding is: stay outside of 0-20% and 80-100% for routine use...
  8. Riviot

    Wheel well fasteners bumped and lost

    So between off-roading, hitting corners hard in the lowest height setting with soft ride, and generally riviot driving styles, my wheels have bumped the wheel well covers a couple times and I've lost a few fasteners... Anyone have suggestions on where to get new ones? I plan to check Lowes'...
  9. Riviot

    Tips, Tricks, Easter Eggs, Hidden Gems...

    Now that we're getting real customer deliveries, I think we need to compile all the cool things we see, learn, and do in our Rivians. For instance, @godfodder0901 taught his delivery rep: -Double press and hold the lock/unlock on the key fob to roll up/down the window Today, I found this a cool...
  10. Riviot

    Gear Guard Halloween Costume ?

  11. Riviot

    What is your grievance with Rivian?

    ?? ?
  12. Riviot

    F-150 Lightning Order Invitation

    Well, poop. I got this today...
  13. Riviot

    How many pre-orders do you have?

    I'm a Dec 2018 pre-order holder and just realized how silly I am for only pre-ordering a single Rivian! Be it for use, resale, gifting, the list goes on, I should have pre-ordered at least two... And so I just placed my second pre-order. How many pre-orders do you have? Why did you get that many?
  14. Riviot

    Did you place a reservation for the F-150 Lightning?

    I know I sure as heck did, but did y'all place reservations for this as well?
  15. Riviot

    Lockable Storage

    Anyone know if the middle storage area is lockable by key? Or any other storage for that matter? I'm hoping there's some sort of storage space that can be secured and not easily opened with a fob, app, or main display. You Texans might know what I'm getting at...