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  1. How many Rivians have you seen at once?

    This is the most "California" post ever.
  2. Rivian API

    Any luck? I'm curious if we can call the update API directly and download release notes and updates. I'm sure updates are signed and they're probably just using the relatively proven QNX update mechanism but who knows. Might need to actually MITM the truck wifi. On another note, here's all the...
  3. Test drive impressions from Tesla owner

    Thank you. Yeah, I know it's a truck. I've gone truck, sports car, truck, sports car for my last 4 vehicles so I'm not unaccustomed to making the switch. I know the R1T is a truck but the comments here seemed to differ from reviews I've seen. I had ordered an ICE truck and was going to trade the...
  4. Delivery cancelled, Charged twice

    Heroes community park? I know they had someone from Tampa pickup there. It's in lake nona. Not much tourists in between Daytona and there. And Daytona isn't exactly devoid lf tourists 🙃
  5. Test drive impressions from Tesla owner

    Ya'll making me worried about trading in my Corvette. I mean I'm not expecting a track truck but hoping it'll be fun and somewhat sporty. 😬
  6. Ghosted by a Guide?

    I think of a guide as a replacement for a salesperson at a car dealership though with no actual sales aspect. Sets the bar for quality of service extremely low.
  7. Rivian API

    Disabling the cert pinning was tricky. Not something I've done a whole bunch and maybe there's an easier way but had to patch the Android apk.
  8. Rivian API

    I updated the script and it should work now. I probably should've tested before saying it would work. It wasn't an inherent flaw in the auth but a dumb PowerShell idiosyncrasy causing the issue.
  9. Rivian API

    I threw together a script (PowerShell since I'm a Windows guy but should work on Linux/Mac if you're into that sorta thing) that checks your order and guide status every 5 minutes and will let you know if it changes. Yes, very excessive but apparently I have nothing better to do with my time...
  10. Delivery!

    Very strange that they didn't just have you take delivery at the service center and instead at a park 20 min away from there. It's not like the service center location is super secret.
  11. Get Ready for the Purchase Process Email

    That's extremely normal in many different realms. Enthusiasts typically know more about a product/service/company than the frontline support. What they have that we don't is access to internal resources but they are often not inclined to do the legwork and/or aren't really given much.
  12. Official feature: Rivian Key | The durable, shareable, submersible gear to access your R1T and R1S

    The Fob is ostensibly water resistant but the card is ostensibly waterproof and has the same IP rating as the band. I wonder if it would be possible to program other NFC devices as keys. For example a Disney Magic band. Probably the same tech but Rivian may lock out other manufacturer IDs.
  13. Get Ready for the Purchase Process Email

    I mean the content of the email doesn't really make sense if you're 3 months from delivery either. There's been people that have gotten picked early but I would guess that they did something like "select * from orders where deliveryEstimate < 2022-07-01" and sent emails to them. But who really...
  14. Get Ready for the Purchase Process Email

    Not sure I buy this to be honest. The numbers show that it was not sent to people with 2023 estimates and the content of the email doesn't really make sense to send to someone who is 6+ months away from taking delivery.
  15. Official feature: Rivian Key | The durable, shareable, submersible gear to access your R1T and R1S

    While it would be nice to have the option, I'm not sure when I'd use the wristband over the key card. Rather toss the key card in my board shorts (or wetsuit) pocket than wear a wristband. I guess for the ladies that might be different. Wonder how much it will cost.
  16. Poll: Did you get the Email "Get Ready For Your Order Process"

    Being that no 2023 estimate holders got this email (the one yes vote already has his truck) I have to think this email was only intended for folks with closer deliveries and is part of the "We ask those preorder holders with a 2023 (or later) delivery window to sit tight for now but know that we...
  17. Tonneau Cover - Questions / Confusions

    So we haven't seen any trucks with the manual tonneau... Have there been any delivered with no tonneau?
  18. Rivian API

    I've been digging into this. I don't have a truck and I'd be able to figure out more with one but the APIs don't seem to complicated. login... POST HTTP/1.1...
  19. My R1T Experience in Orlando Florida Center.. WOW

    I drove by and saw a bunch ready for delivery. I probably should've asked to check one out but didn't want to pester them.