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  1. SASSquatch

    My Rivian nightmare…

    It does seem like a lot of transporter damage. Could be the really tight labor market producing subpar labor or they need to really reevaluate their transport process. Maybe call the Jason Statham? I hear he has a perfect transport record. :cool:
  2. SASSquatch

    Delivery! Limestone & 22” dark wheels

    I just realized why this color combination feels so familiar to me. It is the same colorway as the '91 Nike Air Trainer Max otherwise known as the "Bo Jackson's." They were my prized possession at the time and I kept them under my bed and didn't even wear them outside of the house for fear of...
  3. SASSquatch

    Delivery! Limestone & 22” dark wheels

    Congrats, brother! And wow does that Limestone look sharp with those dark wheels! Great combination. Enjoy the hell out of your new ride and let us know how you are getting on with it!
  4. SASSquatch

    Tonneau cover issues

    I'm with you on the decision matrix for power vs. manual. We really need a 3rd party accessory solution here. I'm really only half joking about a cover for the cover. If someone made a more weather tight cover that fit over the existing power cover I'd seriously buy it for piece of mind.
  5. SASSquatch

    Tonneau cover issues

    Judging by the dirt in your bed, you may have gotten debris into the gearing mechanism that it is choking on. Unfortunately, it looks like debris getting into the mechanism is going to be an issue with this design and they really need to redesign this ASAP or else they will be spending a lot of...
  6. SASSquatch

    Test drive impressions from Tesla owner

    The i3s has a curb weight of 3,040 lbs and same ground clearance as a Cooper S. Less weight though so more speed and faster rated 0-30 and 0-60. It feels much faster because the car is so damn light. The mini has the same drivetrain but a completely different body. The i3s has the body of...
  7. SASSquatch

    Test drive impressions from Tesla owner

    If you think your mini is nimble and light on its feet, you should try an i3s sometime with its carbon fiber supercar frame. Same motor but much less weight! Either way, it is going to be tough going from the ultra light ultra efficient i3s to the massive R1T and the handling is something I...
  8. SASSquatch

    Delivery Canceled and Vin no long available

    I don't know about y'all, but if and when my truck finally is ready, I'm just going to pick it up at the factory and avoid the Mad Max situation that apparently is happening with delivery. I have family in Chicago and we are going to make an adventure out of picking up our truck!
  9. SASSquatch

    CCS connectors coming to Tesla Superchargers in the US says Elon Musk

    If I were Tesla, I'd leave it energized so that the 🤬 holes who go to cut it get a nice surprise. I'd post a sign that says "Danger, do not cut - high voltage" to cover them legally, then fry away...
  10. SASSquatch

    CCS connectors coming to Tesla Superchargers in the US says Elon Musk

    For this reason and many others, I think Tesla is more likely to introduce new CCS capable chargers and with design modifications to accommodate non tesla vehicles.
  11. SASSquatch

    Ghosted by a Guide?

    Amen, brother. This may be a generational thing, but it appears that people increasingly expect immediate replies to emails. There is a middle ground between getting ghosted and having someone respond back in a few hours (instantly). You aren't the only customer your guide is dealing with...
  12. SASSquatch

    First Rivian R1T dyno results: 526 hp / 563 lb-ft (but power being cut by safety systems)

    Love the enthusiasm but I'm calling TMI on the anatomy references. :rolleyes:
  13. SASSquatch

    Issues for Service: Anyone Have Luck Fixing These?

    To the OP: Good luck with getting all these little annoying issues resolved and thanks for being a beta tester for the rest of us sad truckless reservation holders still holding onto our dreams of an Ocean Coast interior...
  14. SASSquatch

    Should I even get PPF and ceramic? Keeping truck outside

    Very interesting. I wonder what the cost is over the standard Xpel and do you need to do expensive and labor intensive paint correction?
  15. SASSquatch

    Salomondrin gets his R1T! and... drops a million F-bombs praising it.

    I was thinking the exact same thing yet this dood has 1.6M subscribers. How?? Why??
  16. SASSquatch

    Now You Know - Rivian lied

    RIVIAN is already bleeding money by honoring the original price of the truck even though people like Sandy Munro have no clue how RIVIAN is making money (spoiler, they aren't). So, let's not win the battle and lose the war. If you can afford an R1T or R1S you can afford to pay the extra...
  17. SASSquatch

    Rivian R1T bricked [update: 12v battery trickle issue - needs software fix]

    Damn. I feel for you, brother. Keep us updated. I don't want to make light of your situation, but your post is also turning out to be a PSA for getting an oleophobic screen protector on that beautiful display.