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  1. ElCapiTan

    PSA: Phone-as-a-Key Security Issue

    I'm a long ways from receiving my truck so I'm hoping issues like this can be resolved before I see delivery. @godfodder0901 I'm glad you are mentioning things like this. I also work in a location where I have to leave my phone in the car. Any discussion around heat and phone in the car is...
  2. ElCapiTan

    First Rivian R1T dyno results: 526 hp / 563 lb-ft (but power being cut by safety systems)

    I wish whoever did this dyno run would provide more details. I can't seem to square the comment of 523 HP but with issues. Sooo collision control limits the total horsepower? Oh I see shaving off 300 hp will save your life when plowing into a tree. WTF 5OO hp or 800 hp what is the...
  3. ElCapiTan

    Could use help with options!

    Best thing you can probably do is take a drive to the local service center and check out some vehicles in person. Color: Can't help I'm still having my own debate. Wheels: I didn't like the looks of the 21's until I actually saw them in person. Now I'm quite comfortable with my choice...
  4. ElCapiTan

    Paid for Truck today

    Not a bad point but they should also consider not allowing payment until payment inspection is complete. I know in 2025 when I'm finally up for delivery I will ask guide to verify service center inspection is complete before I make payment.
  5. ElCapiTan

    Paid for Truck today

    Seems to be to many reports of people completing the 8 steps then delivery getting canceled. Rivian needs to update the process and ensure that the local service center has completed the inspection before having customer start 8-steps.
  6. ElCapiTan

    Antitheft Device for 1Up Bike Racks on Rivian Crossbars

    Off-Topic: Just want to chime in to say the 21's are looking good, even with the aero insert! They don't get enough love.
  7. ElCapiTan

    **HELP** Color Choice Issue

    If it made your list I think you should go for Red Canyon. I'm really into the color but I just can't pull the trigger on another red vehicle.
  8. ElCapiTan

    R1T at the (drag) races!

    If it were not for this being the first time seeing a video of the R1T running on an actual drag strip I would have bailed on the video. Seriously that guy whining that this is boring was annoying.
  9. ElCapiTan

    Regenerative Braking Feedback

    Had my first mile yesterday. It was my first time driving an EV or hybrid. Initially I found high to be awkward and abrupt. Switched to standard for a few minutes and that seemed more natural. Guide explained that I just needed to hover the pedal a little more if I wanted to kind of coast...
  10. ElCapiTan

    Glass roof UV reduction efficiency measured (@ First Mile Dallas)

    I'm not in SoCal but I did watch this video on Youtube. The guy at the SoCal shop quotes prices for doing the Rivian roof. If you are in the area it may be worth seeing what he has to say.
  11. ElCapiTan

    First Mile Event Richmond VA now live!

    1,000,000 Thank You's!!!!!! I usually log in daily to check for this and had not logged in yet. Soon as I saw your thread title I immediately logged into my account and scheduled my First drive!!! I'm so excited.
  12. ElCapiTan

    Highway Assist tested - my review / feedback

    Ughhh Ok :surprised::like:
  13. ElCapiTan

    Is there demand at the new price?

    What competition are you considering that is less money?
  14. ElCapiTan

    Scouted: Richmond Rivian and Intro

    Thanks for the post! I've been waiting for a sighting there. Now I'll be more likely to divert by there when I'm in the area.
  15. ElCapiTan

    Tow Hooks

    I was already wondering how one would deal with pulling out a stuck Chevy or towing it (batt. dead/stuck) from the front. But I was not going to shell out an additional 2k when all I wanted was tow hooks. I was just banking that the bumper just had fillers and the all the frames would still...