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  1. LAUNCH GREEN Rivian Club

    This looks like a Launch Green R1S delivery, probably to a Rivian employee.
  2. Rivian R1S Delivery (to Employee – VP Hardware Engineering)!

    This looks like an R1S delivery, probably to a Rivian employee.
  3. 2022 Q1 Earnings Report & Shareholder Letter
  4. WSJ Article: A High-Speed EV Crash
  5. LA SILVER Rivian Club

    Love the LA Silver, like the Forest Edge quite a bit, but not digging the combo.
  6. 📥 New Rivian Email: A follow-up to our last note

    I agree that it’s fairly straightforward communication. Not a whole lot that is new, but a few tidbits here and there: - No mixing Forest Edge wood with Ocean Coast trim (or other mix and match combos)—makes total sense from a production simplicity standpoint. - No discounting of Forest Edge if...
  7. Guide call & PBA signed for R1S... mid-may delivery

    If a full-size spare were to fit, then why wouldn’t they offer it in the first place? Just doesn’t make sense. I think we’ll have to make do with the compact one.
  8. Colorado Checking In

    I’m from Costa Rica but will be in Breckenridge next week and would LOVE to see a Rivian. Any lucky owner in the area who might be willing to show me his/her truck for a few minutes?
  9. Time Magazine: Rivian’s Plan to Take On Ford and Tesla

    I think the title of the post doesn’t do justice to the fact that Rivian is being included in the Time 100 Most Influential Companies list (and even though it’s a somewhat arbitrary list, it’s the more impressive given that Tesla wasn’t included).
  10. Advice on the best universal wall charger

    +1 on the Wallbox Pulsar Plus with 48A. I recently installed it in preparation for the R1S. Getting 20% extra vs 40A should come in handy if charging from a low SOC later at night (say after 9 pm if you have lower energy rates then) and want to leave early the next day.
  11. OCEAN COAST Rivian Interior Photos

    I agree, if you see the pictures side by side it’s clear the Rivian interior is not white. To me it looks more like a light gray than an off white, but that’s only from the pictures, haven’t seen it IRL.
  12. June / July Delivery Thread

    LE R1S, LA Silver, OC, Bright 22s, Off-road, Jan 2020 preorder, Miami, FL Not too optimistic about getting it by end of July unless we see some of the March/April R1S folks start to get theirs…
  13. Rrivian Production and Preorder Data

    *Information taken from S1, Prospectus and 2021 Q3-Q4 Shareholder Letters Somewhat surprising that preorder rate has fallen by more than half YTD vs Q4 2021, although I guess the IPO hype helped a lot last year and Ford's and Chevy's trucks are now part of the competitive landscape, which...
  14. New R1T High End Offering in the Offing?

    In this article, Motor Trend mentions the possibility of a quad motor R1 with the new in-house motors that are good for 300 HP / 300 lb-ft of torque apiece (double that for the new dual motor R1s), which means that they could theoretically offer an R1 with 1200 HP / 1200 lb-ft of torque, which...
  15. Motor Trend article on price increases, new variants
  16. R1T & R1S Updated Pricing, Configuration, Specs. Dual Motor Now Available

    My current configuration is now almost $100k!
  17. Michigan Looking for R1T, maybe even R1S asap

    I think you're right, we should see slightly used R1Ts in a couple of months. Just as a reference, I can see 3 Lucid Air Dream Editions for sale on, and they started selling them around the same time as the R1T. The cheapest one is going for $30k over original price (or 18% markup)...
  18. Florida/Southeast left in the dark

    Apparently work has begun on the Miami Service Center, per this post:
  19. NYT Rivian Article By Peter Eavis is Out : "Rivian Loses Its Shine as Investors Fret About Production Delays" It's pretty clear is not only a Rivian issue. 1 year wait for Model X is no picnic...