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  1. sevengroove

    I gave CS a piece of my mind, and they responded.

    What I said: And their response: Gotcha :D
  2. sevengroove

    Rivian R1T spotted in South Seattle today! (photos, videos, impressions)

    We were out walking the dog this afternoon in the neighborhood and outta nowhere I saw a Launch Green R1T cruising by on residential streets! Recognized it right away (told the wifey "omg that's a Rivian! a Rivian!!"). The pup was sensing my excitement and was on high alert? . Thought I'd...
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    Demo test drives mailing list sign-up page now live on

    Saw this banner on Rivian's homepage. Takes you to a sign up page where you just put in your name, region, email etc:
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    A different kind of color poll!

    I'm sure we've all tried to rank our favorite colors, but I'm wondering - which color do you want absolutely nothing to do with? If Rivian were assigning your vehicle's color at random and gave you the opportunity to veto one of the colors from the lineup, which one would it be? (Note: if you...
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    Can we create an order/configuration tracker?

    It's so exciting to see that folks are starting to get contacted by guides! In an effort to streamline the information, I was wondering if this forum offers the ability to create a tracker table which doesn't live in a thread, where forum members can add the following info: pre-order date...
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    EV charging in the US is broken: Verge article

    EV CHARGING IN THE US IS BROKEN — CAN JOE BIDEN FIX IT? The president’s plan to take EVs mainstream will first need to contend with a fractured charging network By Andrew J. [email protected] May 11, 2021, 10:00am...
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    Home charger location: what would you do?

    As excited as I am to take delivery of my R1S sometime this year, I am facing a conundrum with getting my home EV ready. When I bought my home I had some electrical work done and pre-empted that I would want an EV, so got my garage pre-wired for a charger. Unfortunately the garage is gonna be a...
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    News on Rivian Warranties

    Just received this email: EDIT: just seeing that someone else posted about this already. Mods please feel free to delete. @Administrator HI, Here’s to many years ahead. When you take delivery, it’s just the beginning. We developed our warranties to keep you covered for years to...
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    VW ID.4 pre-orders now live - $100 deposit, deliveries starting Q1 2021 There are two options to pick from - their 1st edition, which starts at $43,995, and the Pro which is cheaper at $39,995. The 1st edition comes to market soonest, but there are slim pickings in terms of customization. Only 3 colors, one interior color, and...
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    $7,500 to spend on R1S: upgrade to Adventure trim, or 75mi of range?

    With Rivian having announced a long-range (max(ish?) pack) version of the R1S, and it likely being under 400 miles, there's a good chance that the cost to upgrade might fall within $5k - $7.5k depending on how many more miles above 300 they can manage (given that they're charging $10k for 100...
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    Ford reveals Active Driver Assist pricing for Mach E, F-150