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  1. ALL 10 Rivian colors compared!

    Most useful video of 2022! Thanks a million mate!
  2. Anyone want swap/upgrade to 20” AT tires

    This is a cool idea. Is the 21" the "road" tyre? Whats the difference between the 20, 21 & 22? I'm new to all this. They said my R1S will get here "after 2022." I asked for clarification if it was 2023 or 2050. No reply so far. Must have been my cheeky tone.
  3. Delivery!

    Congrats! Beautiful truck.
  4. Driver+ Not up to current Spec - A Deal Breaker (?)

    Some people use this in very novel ways. Saw a woman in a Mercedes E with a tray across her lap having a three course breakfast. Saw a gentleman shaving himself while the Tesla was going at about 70mph. I'm sure most people with use "autonomous" driving sensibly. I'm not too keen at present to...
  5. 📥 New Rivian email: production sequence adjustments to maximize production output in spite of supply challenge

    I have OC on order but if I get the call-I will capitulate. I'm going to use this handy method to rectify the colour issue:
  6. Ocean Coast With Wood From Forest Edge Interior - Mockup Image

    Have you seen the latest email? We'd be lucky to get OC. Might consider wrapping/painting it to whatever your heart desires once you get your hands on it. Cheers.
  7. Rivian R1T vs Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro side-by-side comparison - real life sighting

    Size comparison is as old as humans have been around.
  8. Roof Top Camping - Rivian Lights/Noises…

    Absolutely agree. Of all the things Rivian has, I'm a bit surprised there isn't a "camping mode.!"
  9. Dont mess with the PWS on your EV.

    I apologise if I mislead you into thinking I don't care about others. Quite the contrary-I would put pedestrian safety over any desire to mod the car. I defer to the experts at Rivian to install the appropriate safety measures on the car. The world could do with a bit more caring and compassion...
  10. Dont mess with the PWS on your EV.

    It's for 99% of the population engrossed by their smart phone.
  11. What's reasonable?

    My sentiments exactly. Take copious notes. Seek legal help.
  12. The most annoying thing about my R1T so far

    I'm going to leave my R1 unlocked. Anyone that finds all the guns and ammo in the spare tyre area should reconsider stealing my car. If that doesn't deter them it should be easy to track down IF they can actually drive off in it.
  13. Matte Black Stealth PPF Rivian R1T Launch Edition

    Agree. Seems to be the rage these days. MB has it on their SUVs. Wonder how difficult it would be to get matching fender flares?
  14. Matte Black Stealth PPF Rivian R1T Launch Edition

    Fantastic! Have you seen the matte black LR Defender Urban did. Can't find the pics now but it was menacing! I would add the slim roof lights and fender flares for the full "Urban" look. Absolutely love what you did!
  15. My El Cap Granite in matte stealth PPF wrap

    This looks brilliant! I test drove a LR Defender before going with the R1S. It was matt black. Looked great! LR has started doing factory installations, which is a great idea. Also, like to debadge the car so I can confuse people!
  16. Ocean coast interior after extended mule use

    OC looks a bit Range Rover to me; in a good way. I'm not worried about the wear & tear.
  17. LA SILVER Rivian Club

    I have a R1S LA silver with OC on order. I had a silver car before and liked that colour. Can anyone "pimp up" the car and paint the black bits body colour? I'd like to see what it looks like in all silver.
  18. R1T underbody review by Sandy Munro. "Amazing suspension."

    Thanks for sharing. This was eye opening! What an amazing machine!
  19. MIDNIGHT (Black) Rivian Club

    Got my first black car in 2020. When it's waxed there's nothing better looking. Best 5 minutes of my life!