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  1. Rivian R1S Delivery (to Employee – VP Hardware Engineering)!

    people get so upset about employees getting deliveries. Good let them take those first few. This way when we all get our R1S some of those kinks will be worked out. Do you really need to be first?
  2. 2022 Q1 Earnings Report & Shareholder Letter

    with personal at home deliveries it takes more time. With a service center pickup or dealership you could deliver 50 vehicles a day to customers from one location. Wonder how many the NY service center can coordinate in a day? Maybe 5-7
  3. Homemade front license plate mount for tow hook

    Love it. If Rivian doesn't put my front plate holder on going to do this.
  4. Now You Know - Rivian lied

    That video title is typical Youtube click bait crap. Why not just throw 'Rivian gave us big boobs' or something else.
  5. It's not just you, garage door software is buggy

    I haven't used the remote to train my car in more than a decade. Always have to use the learn button on the motor itself.
  6. Take delivery or wait?

    I specifically didn't take a launch edition for this reason. Let them work out the kinks for several months before they get to mine. Waiting or taking delivery is very personal. Could you live without the vehicle once you get it if a service was required? Is your current car working well...
  7. Salomondrin gets his R1T! and... drops a million F-bombs praising it.

    His content is very hit or miss. Lots of glam shots with very little content. For example, he didn't talk about the Frunk once, nor the different drive modes. And of course he bought it to sell it, like he always has.
  8. Richmond Rivian Center -- 30+ R1T prepped for delivery

    Not a white vehicle person, nor yellow, but Limestone would not be in my top 4 choices either. To each his own.
  9. Get Ready for the Purchase Process Email

    This email was the ultimate tease, I read the title and was like 'Wow they are getting mine ready' but no.
  10. OTA Update 2022.15 Software Release Notes

    They are moving quickly to resolve issues and continue to add functionality.
  11. Will Rivian really build a dual motor option?

    Absolutely. This will allow for all sorts of interesting options go forward. Smaller body styles with 1 or 2 motors, a high power 4 motor design (think AMG/M/RS). If the vehicle is great people will move to it.
  12. R1s delivery spotted?

    It isn't headed to my house so disappointing. It is all progress regardless of where it is headed.
  13. Ocean Coast With Wood From Forest Edge Interior - Mockup Image

    I think it looks best with the dark/black wood. Not my choice of interior though to begin with.
  14. 📥 New Rivian email: production sequence adjustments to maximize production output in spite of supply challenge

    Shocking that a new company with a new product is having some issues getting them into customers hands. I get it, frustrating however you can't now complain about lack of communication as well. I know maybe they should deliver OC interior, have unhappy customers complaining about quality and...
  15. Bug or Design Intent

    Someone should contact VW (I believe they are the largest vehicle manufacturer globally) their sensor does it by weight not determining if it is a human or not.
  16. Bug or Design Intent

    The purpose of the sensor isn't just to read 65lbs but something smaller that shouldn't be there but is. I have a 2020 vehicle that anything close to 25lbs sets it off. Should 1lb set it off, now but anything that could be a small child should set it off.
  17. Bug or Design Intent

    auto lights and auto high beams should be sticky, that isn't a bug but not designed properly. Passenger seat sensor, what can you, it isn't just rivian but others too. Phone key is a bug
  18. Has Rivian lost the battle AND the war?

    People said Tesla wouldn't make it, but they did. Lucid will never go to production, they have. For now Rivian has a place but let's give it some time to see what happens. Audi might make a nice product but 200 miles is just too small, MB is making interesting vehicles but they cost more...