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  1. Choosing the best Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tire for a Rivian

    Members like the Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded tire models, LT3 or 10 SUV, for cold, snow, and especially ice. Which model of these two is better for the Rivians? I face snow and ice for 5+ months. The LT3 is size 275/65 R20 and the 10 SUV is 275/60 R20. LT3 top speed is 100 mph and the 10 SUV is...
  2. Jackson, WY, R1T

  3. R1T and the Forthcoming Tesla Pickup

    As the launch date of the Tesla pickup comes ever closer what new information is there on its specs? How does it compare to the Rivian alternative we are so excited to see produced in 2020? Are they even comparable or are Rivian and Tesla pickups so different that they are entirely different...