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  1. Rivian R1S Delivery (to Employee – VP Hardware Engineering)!

    Talked to my guide today. They stated multiple R1S customer deliveries this week for the first time and that as a Mar/Apr delivery I should get an ETA soon. They have been straight up with me so far but take it for what it’s worth.
  2. R1S May/June Delivery Window

    Same guidance I have received as a Mar/Apr R1S LE w/ Guide Contact on April 4th and PBA signed/
  3. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    Just hung up with my guide and got a consistent message. First non-employee R1S deliveries in late May. Ramp begins in June.
  4. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    This is consistent with the message I got from my guide earlier this week. He stated a R1S message would be coming out to reset expectations on deliveries. Also, I have not heard of anyone going through the 8-step for an R1S yet either.
  5. R1S May/June Delivery Window

    Welcome to the everything is on track club along with the Mar/Apr window that expires in a few days with no R1S deliveries
  6. Guide call & PBA signed for R1S... mid-may delivery

    Per my guide this morning, there will be an email to R1S reservations holders coming to reset expectations on delivery timelines, including those like myself in the Mar/April delivery window with signed PBA. The first time they have not stressed to me that we are "on track."
  7. Guide call & PBA signed for R1S... mid-may delivery

    That just means your number one rivian reserved. For those with multiple reservations they see 02, 03, etc.
  8. Guide call & PBA signed for R1S... mid-may delivery

    Just got my PBA this afternoon as well. First call with my guide was on 4/4. Guide says a April delivery is still what he is showing. We will see.
  9. Ocean Coast & Forest Edge interiors delayed. RJ making announcement this week.

    They also seem to be all over the place with sending the PBAs. Several with R1S reservations who had calls at the beginning of the month haven't received them with Mar/Apr delivery windows. However, more recently they are going out. They definitely don't have their process down yet.
  10. Estimated delivery dates for Greater NYC/Philadelphia area

    12/11/18 Reservation | R1S LE white/black Mar/Apr expected Delivery — guide confirmed it will be before the end of the month and to expect a VIN within a few days
  11. R1S LE Guide Contact reached out for intro appointment! [4/1/22]

    I did not ask about The third row or cargo. I can on a future call.
  12. R1S LE Guide Contact reached out for intro appointment! [4/1/22]

    Just completed my R1S call. Locked my configuration and told to expect delivery in the new few weeks (Greater Philadelphia). VIN should come in a few days to start the 8 step process.
  13. R1S guide contact?

    Just signed up for my intro call Monday at 9 am ET
  14. R1S guide contact?

    Same here…Guide just showed up in my account.
  15. R1S's are being delivered (according to Rivian customer support)

    I got this version and have a R1S LE White/OC combo with a Mar/Apr delivery window. Finally some movement.
  16. Had call with Rivian Guide, delay on Ocean Coast interior

    I am a 12/11/18 R1S LE reservation and had a chat today confirming delivery during my Mar/Apr window with White/OC combo.