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  1. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    RJ confirmed the exterior button this week on Instagram.
  2. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    Is this a power operation, or manual? I.e., is some force required to return the 2nd row to its normal position, or could a child do it? Thanks for the intel!
  3. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    How do the third row leg and headroom compare to other three row Suvs you've been in?
  4. R1S Owners Guide Manual Available! 📒

    And it might be easier just to go hitch mount:
  5. Rivian R1S Delivery (to Employee – VP Hardware Engineering)!

    ...or at least get some of these early production units in the hands of automotive journalists and youtubers like they did with the R1T.
  6. R1S on cover of Sunset Magazine

    So Sunset gets an R1S for a day, but not, say, Car and Driver?
  7. R1S Owners Guide Manual Available! 📒

    The VW Atlas is probably the benchmark in the size class for 2nd and 3rd row space, packaging, and access. I feel like Rivian could have tried to beat the Atlas in this category (no driveshaft, no fuel tank, and boxier styling make it possible), but this was not Rivian's priority. The only...
  8. 3rd Row Design / Cargo Area Photos?

    It actually seems quite different to me. And look how different the outline of the tailgate is, e.g., around the windows.
  9. 3rd Row Design / Cargo Area Photos?

    My takeaways from the IG AMA were (1) the storage area behind the 3rd row looks bigger than expected, (2) we can now be sure the 2nd row slides (but has no "car seat friendly tilt"), and (3) the 3rd row bottom seat cushion looks a little low to me (I worry that average adults sitting back there...
  10. Kia EV9 Starting at $50K in 2023

    If I could, I'd preorder one of these and take whatever is built first, the EV9 or my ordered RS1. I don't particularly need the RS1's off-road capabilities. Kia has had so much success with the 3-row Telluride, I fully expect them to get the EV9 right.
  11. R1S guide contact?

    Yikes, no slide mechanism on row 2? I wonder if the only thing that tilts is the seat back, or the entire seat? Even the 4Runner has a 2nd row that tilts and slides. And of course much of the competition offers "car seat friendly tilt." I'm curious what they were benchmarking for 3rd row access...
  12. Colorado Checking In

    Saw my first R1T in Colorado Springs last night... driving right past our house in the Old North End. Someone who's on here?