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  1. Canthoney

    Got my R1T! LE BM 20” A/T

    Finally got my truck! I’m so excited and can’t wait to learn everything I can after owning it a while! I did have one question. My truck is still at the 11.2 update and I see no newer update to the 12.15. Is there something I can do to get it or do I just have to wait for the rollout?
  2. Canthoney

    Anker’s biggest battery pack ever is a 43-pound power station with impressive specs

    What do you all think of this? I think it would be awesome to camp with! Six AC, 100W USB-C, 1229Wh LiFePO4 battery Sean HollisterApr 12, 2022, 4:25pm EDT When the power goes out or you’re visiting the great outdoors with gadgets in tow, you might carry a portable power station — and Anker...
  3. Canthoney

    Stop Bothering CS! Be Respectful!

    Exactly what my post title says! This may not apply to everyone so don’t feel personally attacked, this is more to do with people repeating the same messages over and over: You can gather more information on this forum and other social media than you can on Rivian‘s website talking to customer...
  4. Canthoney

    [Out of Spec Reviews] The Rivian R1T Has Arrived And We Answer All Of Your Questions!

    This is a great review and well worth the time to watch! Thanks again Kyle for coming on here and asking for our input!
  5. Canthoney

    Rivian Stories: The Never-Ending Road Trip “A small crowd gathered around the Rivian test vehicle as it charged in a shopping center parking lot outside Washington, D.C. The truck was driven...
  6. Canthoney

    What's It REALLY Like To Live With An All-Electric Rivian R1T? We Have The Answers!

    This is a pretty good discussion, it sounds like they weren't done with everything they recorded at this point, but they went over a lot of different details and some of the issues they experienced and talked to Rivian engineers about
  7. Canthoney

    Ford Sees $8.2 Billion Gain on Its Investment Following Rivian’s IPO

    Can anyone explain the financial implications for this? It looks like Rivian stock is up after-hours slightly: “Ford Motor Co. expects to record a gain of $8.2 billion in the fourth quarter on its investment in Rivian Automotive Inc. after the electric-truck maker’s blockbuster initial public...
  8. Canthoney

    Do you think Rivian should only have one battery pack? (Large Pack)

    Yes I know another poll lol, but I’m genuinely curious what people think on this. Do you think that Rivian should focus on one battery pack, and cancel the other sizes in order to increase production, and R&D into increasing range and power density in the current large pack? I’m thinking along...
  9. Canthoney

    Amazon makes a deal with Stellantis to buy electric Ram ProMaster delivery vans in 2023 “Amazon announced that it will buy an undisclosed number of electric delivery vans from Stellantis in 2023. The automaker has said that it will roll out an all-electric version of its Ram...
  10. Canthoney

    Electric Toyota Tacoma Toyota revealed a concept for an electric pickup truck with a four-door crew cab setup and a what appears to be a fairly short bed. Toyota didn't provide many details on the truck, but it appears to be in between...
  11. Canthoney

    Lucid Under Investigation by SEC for SPAC deal Anyone else glad that Rivian went the IPO route? Seems like every EV company that does a SPAC deal as under investigation
  12. Canthoney

    Supposedly Deliveries Happening to Non-Employees- Autoweek “Rivian claims that, unlike rivals Tesla, GMC and Ford, it is actually delivering electric trucks to real people. And while early reports said that “people” seemed to mean Rivian employees, who were doing what amounted...
  13. Canthoney

    Rivian R1T B-Roll Video

    YouCar did a video of that inside and exterior that I think is pretty good, they always tend to have high production videos: