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  1. AllInev

    Sandy Munro Takes The R1T Off Road

    Looks like Sandy’s giving this R1T a “last meal” before it goes under the knife. 😌
  2. AllInev

    Rivian West Sacramento Service Center Photos

    Thanks for taking and sharing the photos.
  3. AllInev

    Features Request List After 1-Week With Rivian R1T

    I’d like to see geo-fence smart setting options. For example, an “all doors unlock” setting for when I’m home vs “driver door” only when I’m in an unknown location.
  4. AllInev

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Wow. Those rocker panels and underbody took a beating. I guess this is the one they’ll be tearing down?
  5. AllInev

    Ford's intention was to crush Rivian?

    Ford Unloads Further 7 Million Shares of Electric-Vehicle Startup Rivian
  6. AllInev

    What Will Be The First Song You Play In Your New Rivian?

    "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits with Sting's intro of "I want my... I want my MTV R1T"
  7. AllInev

    Test drive impressions from Tesla owner

    Based on the bazillions of reviews I've read and watched, it seems to be software controlled/throttled --which makes sense.
  8. AllInev

    Rivian Insurance - Jump to Front

    My contact has also been with Shylo. I wonder if she's the only agent? 😆
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    April - May 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    What's up @Snazzy Labs? Your Sept 2021 YouTube video seems to indicate you preordered in Sept 2021 --see clip here: But your forum signature shows an 11/2018 preorder? Assuming you're willing to share, inquiring minds would like to know. Don't get on the wrong side of those 2018'ers...
  10. AllInev

    Rivian R1S Delivery (to Employee – VP Hardware Engineering)!

    Looks like the person in the R1S picture is wearing a Rivian employee badge --right hip just below shirt/blouse.
  11. AllInev

    2022 Q1 Earnings Report & Shareholder Letter

    Kind of related... Do others feels the "Home Delivery" will/could eventually become a significant delivery bottleneck? People should be scheduling and picking up their R1 from a local SC. Seems like a SC could easily double the number of deliveries/day. Sure, "Home Delivery" is convenient...
  12. AllInev

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Some poor soul's years of waiting dashed. Ouch!
  13. AllInev

    May/June Deliveries Thread

    @boardthatpowder If you're willing to share your config info with others on this forum, you can add it to your "signature" here:
  14. AllInev

    Oct-Dec 2022 Delivery Windows

    No bad news related to production from the May 11, 2022 quarterly report, so now we just need those updated delivery windows that Rivian promised to give us during the month of May. I'm feeling more optimistic than I have in months about getting my R1T by the end of 2022.
  15. AllInev

    April - May 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    @Snazzy Labs Looking forward to several in-depth reviews from you on the R1T. Please, no in-door flashlight or gear tunnel selfies. ;-)
  16. AllInev

    FOREST GREEN Rivian Club

    FG photos posted here:
  17. AllInev

    Ford's intention was to crush Rivian?

    According to the article, Ford is selling 8m of its 102m shares. So that’s not 0.08%, but closer to 8%. I’m going to predict they’ll sell at least that much again in the next year or so and eventually...
  18. AllInev

    Any predictions for earnings call on 5/11/22?

    I said that tongue-in-cheek, but Barrons’s analysis says the same thing 🙄: Options markets show that investors should expect significant volatility after earnings. Rivian stock is expected to move roughly 20%, up or down, following the report. Shares dropped about 8% and 10% after the...
  19. AllInev

    VW Bringing Back "Scout" Competitor for Rivian

    WSJ’s take:
  20. AllInev

    Oct-Dec 2022 Delivery Windows

    Based on what Rivian reveals in tomorrow's (May 11, 2022) earnings report and on what was said in the last two "Tony" emails, I think by mid-June, I'll know whether or not I'm getting an R1T this year.