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  1. HackyMoto

    IKamper X-Cover 2.0 Mini RTT (roof top tent) on my R1T

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Great pics, thank you for posting! I'm curious about whether an open tent would interfere in any way with the camp kitchen in use?
  2. HackyMoto

    My Lightning is Built

  3. HackyMoto

    Possibly a new record for order to guide contact time

    The cynical Scotsman in me ponders RJ: Come on people, we have a cancellation. Who is next on the list with the same specification.. ? CS: we have two exact matches. One pre-order from 2019 located in Illinois and one post March 1st 2022 price increase located down in the Florida Keys.. RJ...
  4. HackyMoto

    Delivery Canceled and Vin no long available

    Same here, I was looking for that selection in the pre-order rather than it be delivered to our home. Will fly up and drive home to Texas via family in Michigan who don't believe in EV's (In-law is a contract supplier to Ford, GM etc).
  5. HackyMoto

    ALL 10 Rivian colors compared!

    I did have the El Cap Granite, then the Limestone then back to the El Cap Granite but right now, the LA Silver is causing a stirring in my nether regions. I've been married 20 years, it car colors that do it for me nowadays. I'll keep it at the El Cap Granite for tonight. Since I wont get my...
  6. HackyMoto

    R1T's Rear Window Shelf - Cheapness or Bad?

    I’ve owned a couple of BMW motorcycles and whenever I would bring up something at service time “Sir, they all do that” From the Service Manager’s book of excuses. Excuse number 1 through 100
  7. HackyMoto

    Ask us Rivian R1T owners ANYTHING [AMA]!

    yeah, I thought as much. I have my eye on on of those Tread XL's Thanks for the reply
  8. HackyMoto

    Ask us Rivian R1T owners ANYTHING [AMA]!

    Our plan is to use the truck to adventure around Central America. 1. Does the current onboard map cover central America 2. Currently, are you able to create a route from your current location to say, Tapachula, mx using charge points? Although our plans are 5-6 years out from now, and the...
  9. HackyMoto

    Struggling with wheel choice

    With the lighter colors yes, I can see your point about black wheels and only if I squint my eyes. However the yellow brakes really standout with the dark wheels. Each to their own. Either will look good.
  10. HackyMoto

    A Look Around Costa Mesa Rivian Service Center 5/1 - Showing All Production Colors

    Sorry, what? there's a Rivian in this pic? Triumph's do make the best bikes. Keep the rubber side down Sir
  11. HackyMoto

    Cancelled Order Restored

    Interesting, looked in my account this morning and I have no pre-order. Let's see if it restores itself today
  12. HackyMoto

    Am I special??? Or did everyone get this.

    2021? 2020? 2019? Congratulations, take pictures and have fun
  13. HackyMoto

    Cancelled Order Restored

    I cancelled my original original pre-order after the price rise then after March 1st, I created a new original pre-order at the new pricing. I subsequently cancelled a week or so back as I had decided that I just couldn't wait until 2024 or whenever to get my truck. Then today, I received a...
  14. HackyMoto

    Tesla Raises Prices

    I hope Elon doesn't frequent this board. $50M could buy me a rocket to Mars!
  15. HackyMoto

    Roof Top Tent - Should I?

    Okay, I’m a noob at this so forgive any silly questions. Did you buy this for the R1T or the R1S? If the truck, I notice that the length of bed is 54 inches and the mini has a length of 57 inches or am I missing something? If you ordered the R1S, then I’ll jog on ?
  16. HackyMoto


    Well that blows! I was hoping that all you deserting rats would mean that my 2024 order would come into I'm at the back of the line again. Us loyal folks should be served first.... We need another poll... :p