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  1. tyfly867

    8 Step purchase process disappeared after step 1?

    I just started the 8 step process, while I was putting in my trade-in information I got an error, and was unable to continue. Now when I click the original email link or try to log-in to my configurator, only my configuration is there, but not a place to continue the process. It was like it was...
  2. tyfly867

    First R1T on Cars & Bids...No Reserve

    Auction just opened...No Reserve. This will be a fun one to watch! Cars and Bids
  3. tyfly867

    Owner's Real World Insurance Rates and Providers

    Long time listener, first time caller here. Is anyone on here who has taken delivery able to provide their insurance provider, rates, and amount of coverage for said rate? I know it's highly variable, but ballpark numbers would be interesting to see. T.