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  1. LoneStar

    F-150 Lightning very technical review

    If you're a nerdy-type like me, and happen to be sitting on a Lightning order like me, here's a review that has to be the most technically detailed, down in the weeds as it gets. I'm not sure there's an equivalent review of this detail for the R1T yet. The 2022 Ford Lightning Is Just A...
  2. LoneStar

    Census poll - May/June windows without Guide contact yet (R1T & R1S)

    As a May/June delivery window member, curious how many others on the forum are in the same boat. Set up the "voting" so you can indicate if awaiting an R1T or R1S in present window and still without a Guide. I realize there are many other stages of interested to people but wanted to keep this...
  3. LoneStar

    FE Green Interiors with confirmed 8-Stepper or Actual Delivery

    Look, I know there are too many threads trying to slice-and-dice the realtime status of Rivians being delivered, so I figured what's the harm of one more! :p Please reply here if you for sure ordered/getting FE Green cow interior and have done the 8-Step or (praise baby Jesus!) actually now...
  4. LoneStar

    Hoping LG/FE is the "new" LG/BM

    With the abundance of R1T's out there in Launch Green with black mtn. interiors, I sure hope the recent announcement means that configs like mine with LG paint and FE green interior become very frequent on the production line. Other than those color picks I did not put any option or accessory...
  5. LoneStar

    R1T's selling or Sold on eBay Motors

    Figured some may like a single thread to track and report R1T's selling or sold on eBay Motors. I know there are other threads about Cars & Bids and BaT, and likely some will post or link that here too. As of today, eBay Motors shows 3 R1Ts sold on concluded auctions, and 8 or 9 more actively...
  6. LoneStar

    R1T No-Reserve auction on eBay Motors ends soon

    For those keeping an eye on market value for re-sold vehicles, here's a No-Reserve one that ends in about 5 hours.. 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition | eBay Presently just a tick over $105k Curious if it will climb fast near the end into the $130's like the one sold on Cars&Bids
  7. LoneStar

    Rivian responding to emails ?

    Venting frustration here about the utter lack of a meaningful response from emailing Customer Service. All I ever get back is the auto-bot reply within a minute acknowledging my email inquiry and saying "We'll do our best to reply within 24-48 business hours." For me that's proven to be just...
  8. LoneStar

    Best Flippin' Rivian color choices

    This ought to stir the pot some.... on the topic of newly received Rivian "owners" flipping them for a tidy quick profit, what do you think is the smartest move in the marketplace right now? Question posed for either R1T or R1S. For the time being, let's assume the vast majority of re-sells...
  9. LoneStar

    'Guidance' on Switching Launch-Edition Model

    Sitting on a L.E. R1T reservation presently with a May/June delivery window. Awaiting a Guide contact so I can ask this very question, "What happens if I choose an R1S instead of R1T sticking with a Launch Edition?" I do expect to hear it has a delaying effect but wonder if a Guide will know...
  10. LoneStar

    First-Mile Mobile test drive in San Diego!

    glanced at my phone during lunch and saw a Rivian email with "First Mile" in the subject line.. got all giddy inside! invited to experience the R1T firsthand that comes to your place (or wherever you pick) with a 45-min. time slot. appointment options were scattered across April so picked next...
  11. LoneStar

    Reporting Missed Delivery Windows

    There are lots of specific delivery window threads (Mar/Apr, May/June, etc.) with members commenting on news, speculation and what-not. Earlier ones are peppered with reports of guide contacts, actual deliveries. Figured a dedicated thread about those who MISSED the 2022 delivery window(s)...
  12. LoneStar

    Restoring CANCELED Orders - a new Deposit

    With the 'excitement' of our Configurators having the original lower pricing restored, I was curious about the timing for Rivian to reinstate in our homepage a vehicle canceled out of frustration/anger in early March. Here's the response from CS. First time I heard about having to place a...
  13. LoneStar

    Configurator price rollback and orders restored ?

    Has anyone's Rivian personal page yet reverted back to prior pricing and/or restored a cancelled order? ?
  14. LoneStar

    Got your $1,000 Grand back yet?

    Curious, anyone that Cancelled spontaneously with last week's pricing fiasco seen their $1,000 deposit back into whatever account/card used? Been keeping an eye on mine and nothing yet. I know they said about a week and in Rivian-speak that probably means a month. Wondering if others are...
  15. LoneStar

    Poll: Confirmed Deliveries (T or S) by Your Reservation Period

    For those with poll withdrawal symptoms here's yet another way to slice up the topic of real Deliveries. Please only VOTE if you ACTUALLY have signed a Purchase Contract and doing or done with 8-Step process. You can still be awaiting your precious new ride, but please limit voting only if...
  16. LoneStar

    Interior color choice - Any non-BM deliveries confirmed?

    Read in a few posts that most (all?) near-term or confirmed deliveries have Black Mtn interior choice in common. Anyone aware of a OC or FE interior vehicle - other than oddball demo or employee ride - presently in the March-April promised delivery period or a true pending delivery other than...
  17. LoneStar

    Which Winch?

    Wish there was a factory winch option. With plenty onboard electrical power, you'd think Rivian engineers would recognize the need. Clearly they figured out how to do it at least once. At least add to the "Offroad Upgrade" a factory pre-wired kit so all the connections, fuses, etc. are...
  18. LoneStar

    Kia EV6 Early Deliveries underway

    Kia EV6 deliveries have already begun – 3 months ahead of schedule ( (in the U.K.)
  19. LoneStar

    Post-IPO public communications

    ... would be nice. What gives? Someone needs to inform them the silence period is over and they need to start talking publicly...
  20. LoneStar

    China's new EV Truck - seriously?

    anyone see or post about this article? the video is obviously 'vaporware' CGI New EV Truck Charges in Transit With a Retractable Solar Roof (