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  1. lostpacket

    The MPG Illusion (why we should maybe advocate for kwh/mi)

    Slow Rivian news day today so I thought I might post this... I was just learning about the "MPG illusion". Many of y'all may already know this but I think it would be good thing to advocate for as we adopt EVs, there is a chance to make this right. The TLDR is that our brains have trouble...
  2. lostpacket

    Vermonting Vermonters

    Thought I would start a thread for some of us Green Mountain folks to say hello. It would be fun if we had a chance to meetup some day and checkout the trucks of the lucky few. Anyone had a test drive? What are y'all's config and preorder dates?
  3. lostpacket

    Ford loses $3.1 billion, hit by Rivian investment and chip shortage

    Posting just for the $RIVN angle, there are a bunch of these stories. Although RIVN is up today so that's nice. article ------------ Ford loses $3.1 billion, hit by...
  4. lostpacket

    [Georgia Plant] Deal reached with Rivian for incentives, environmental standards article: --------------------------- By J. Scott Trubey, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution April 26, 2022 A development authority east of Atlanta has voted to approve an...
  5. lostpacket

    Tip: hit the hazard button when you have an issue to help service techs find logs ahead of visiting

    Saw this tip on reddit and thought it might be worth sharing.
  6. lostpacket

    Gofundme for employee who leaked info about the update 🚔

    Hey folks, I know I post a bunch of jokes on here but this one is unfortunately going to be far more serious. I managed to obtain a photo of the employee who leaked information about this update. He is currently being detained at the Irvine CA police department for crimes against Adventure...
  7. lostpacket

    MA: Tax credit bill up for consideration - S.1832 first $50k tax free

    For my MA neighbors, just saw this on reddit, thought you might be interested:
  8. lostpacket

    When were Launch Editions sold out?

    Wondering if some of you distinguished, honored, tenured,.... old farts.... remember roughly when the last LE was reserved? I am wondering if they are nearing the end of LE+BM. Saw October 2020 got delivered just now on reddit.
  9. lostpacket

    Recovery/tow strap recommendations?

    This year has been a particularly bad mud season and I was thinking it's past due I grabbed a recovery/tow strap to keep with me just in case. Ideally I would like to get one strong enough for the R1T so I could keep it when I swap my subaru for an R1T. Anyone got any advice on what to get...
  10. lostpacket

    Most delayed config?

    Had an amusing but dark thought, I wonder what the most delayed config is? R1S Compass Yellow (ty @Mcdubjr ) Explore Forrest Edge (ty @Craigins ) Dual Motor (ty @GangWarily ) Max Pack 21" tires Tent Offroad floor mats Anything else? I feel like someone out there has this exact config and I...
  11. lostpacket


    I like the leadership qualities displayed by RJ in fixing and owning the mistake. This is the kind of characteristic that will make people even more inclined to follow him, work for him, and do their best work for the company. Folks will be discussing how it could have been done better and...
  12. lostpacket

    What does 61 mean? [wrong answers only]

    This FB image that looks like it is from a factory worker in Normal that had an exhausting day was posted in another thread by @AdamsFan1983 I thought it would be fun to talk about what 61 could mean (wrong answers only)
  13. lostpacket

    Redefining Limestone

    It's just better this way.
  14. lostpacket

    Every menu in the Ford F-150 Lightning - Out of Spec Reviews

    Maybe not the prettiest UI ever, but Ford seems to be doing a decent job with software. Looks responsive and very functional. Plus it even has support for....never mind I wont say it lol
  15. lostpacket

    A fight over the right to repair cars turns ugly [Wired]

    Interesting article from Wired/Ars: What do you think? Personally I want to figure out if Android Debug Bridge (ADB) can be enabled on the infotainment system. Then we could potentially install 3rd party...
  16. lostpacket

    Tom Moloughney: F-150 Lightning Backup Power...(no more 320A req)

    So it looks like the 320A service requirement was a mistake and Tom Moloughney contacted Ford about it and they have updated their website. Now it mentions 100A dedicated circuit but that is only if you want to deliver the max 80A to the truck (and back to the house as well). Really hope we...