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  1. Rivian R1T bricked [update: 12v battery trickle issue - needs software fix]

    I’d put some odds on the issue being a software regression bug from the fixes in 2022.15 that address standby battery drain.
  2. 2022 Q1 Earnings Report & Shareholder Letter

    Beat EPS estimates by $0.01 and reaffirmed 25k deliveries this year, sounds like they’re right on track and going to plan.
  3. Any tests done on Vampire battery drain?

    Maybe I’ve missed it, but has anyone gathered any solid data on how much the 2022.15.0 update improves standby drain seeing as how that was specifically mentioned in the release notes?
  4. Assigning NFC Key Cards to drivers and saves mirror settings

    I talked to Service about this and they said reassigning keys to additional driver profiles is a feature slated for a future mobile app release. You will also be able to get additional key cards in the future.
  5. RAN PNW map - Locations to look forward to?

    The Oregon Coast really needs some charging help like yesterday. I’m heading down to Manzanita from Seattle next month in my R1T and ABRP shows it’s pretty much a desert past Astoria (and I couldn’t even find any slow charging in Manzanita).
  6. Get Ready for the Purchase Process Email

    Same. Thankfully the navigation system has more accuracy than their email targeting.
  7. Cinco de Mayo Top Tip!

    Will a blender work reliably on the 120V plug in the bed?
  8. Charging before Wall Charger Delivered

    I had to charge for about 2 weeks before I could get a circuit installed for my Wall Charger, and was able to make due with standard 120V wall outlet charging every time the truck wasn’t in use combined with one EA fast charging session after a weekend day trip to the mountains.
  9. My R1T in Moab [Video]

    Fins and Things is such a fun route! I’ve driven it in a few different vehicles and would absolutely give it a go in my R1T. Next up Hell’s Revenge right next door!
  10. Keeping crossbars on or off -- opinion?

    Off, anytime you have them on in either location you’ll take a hit on efficiency/range due to aerodynamics.
  11. Sitting Level when off

    Maybe an unpopular solution, but in the unlikely event the bed filled with water from a hurricane I’d just park it pointed up a hill.
  12. Paid for Truck today

    It took 9 days to get my truck delivered from when the 8 step paperwork opened up. It was super frustrating since I was fully paid up on day 2, and they basically got a free loan from me. The lack of transparency was the most obnoxious part, I didn’t get to schedule my delivery date until day 8...
  13. Ultimate Drive Modes - Wishlist

    Campground mode Exterior lights and sounds are disabled (stealth lock/unlock) while parked unless they are overridden and turned on, low power usage (climate disabled) to conserve battery, power outlets turned on. Right now, I’m looking at putting blackout tarps over the front and rear ends of...
  14. Locking and Unlocking and Keys

    I keep the NFC card in my wallet and primarily use that. You don’t even need to take it out, I just hold up my wallet to the door handle to lock and unlock.
  15. Extra "can of gas"... for EVs

    When 835hp just isn’t quite enough.
  16. rivian official Instagram Q&A

    This unanswered question is literally why I went with the R1T instead of R1S. I’ve been hauling plywood and other sheet goods in it for a few weeks now!
  17. rivian official Instagram Q&A

    From their responses so far, it seems like their “AMA” is just PR to answer marketing softballs. 🙄 They could have chosen to answer 3 real and important questions in the time they wasted on that “what’s your favorite feature?” stunt.
  18. R1T, Launch Green, Forest Edge, 20 AT Dark

    I had this exact config spec’d, and my guide reached out to ask if I wanted to switch to Black Mountain and get my truck earlier. I’ve now been driving my R1T for about a month and have no regrets.
  19. Are there any women in this club?

    My wife is the primary driver of our R1T, it’s her daily commuter car. I only get it on evenings and weekends.
  20. Mystery 2lb package from Rivian

    I had one of those, exactly the same 2lb next day air, and it was an “apology” goodwill gift from marketing because I had a problem with a poorly manufactured kids t-shirt from their swag shop (which they had already promptly replaced). They gave me a nice water bottle, a set of pins, and a kind...