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  1. Sgt Beavis

    Only 25000 Rivians to be built this year.

    From today's letter to investors: Over the course of fiscal year 2022, we plan to remain focused on ramping up production of both the R1 and RCV lines in...
  2. Sgt Beavis

    Random Thoughts: A quick and easy way for Rivian to save on existing orders.

    Now that last week’s pricing disaster is over, I found myself thinking about various things and realized that there was a fairly easy way that Rivian could save some cash on many of the existing orders. All they would need to do is let pre-March 1st order holders opt out of getting the tonneau...
  3. Sgt Beavis

    What ICE truck are you going to buy now?

    Like many of you, with today's news I'm not only out of the R1T/R1S market, I'm out of the BEV market entirely. I still need a truck and I need one that is a solid off roader. Here's my new shopping list.. 1. RAM 1500 TRX 2. Chevy Silverado ZR2 3. RAM 1500 Longhorn with the Off Road pkg (the...
  4. Sgt Beavis

    Rich Rebuilds: How Tesla is failing its most loyal customers

    Interesting Video .
  5. Sgt Beavis

    New York Times: Can Anyone Satisfy Amazon’s Craving for Electric Vans?

    The company has big plans to turn its delivery fleet green. But very few of the vehicles are made right now. n the fall, Jeff Bezos tweeted praise for Rivian, a start-up under contract to make 100,000 electric delivery vans for Amazon, and its founder, R.J. Scaringe, calling him “one of the...
  6. Sgt Beavis

    TFL goes hands on with Rivian R1T

    Live stream at 4pm Mountain. No idea what they are going to discuss.
  7. Sgt Beavis

    Intellidash+ for Carplay/Android support

    Looks like this might be a solution for those of us wanting Carplay or Android Auto.
  8. Sgt Beavis

    Manchin returns to the negotiating table

    BBB, and the EV tax credit, still have some life.
  9. Sgt Beavis

    R1T is Edmunds Top Rated Editors' Choice

    Just a short video announcing the award. No new information.
  10. Sgt Beavis

    Doug DeMuro: The Lucid Air

  11. Sgt Beavis

    Where is the price floor for RIVN?

    AS I'm writing this, RIVN is at ~$110. It was down as low as $106. So anyone care to guess where the floor is on it? I bought 150 shares at $100 and got out when it dropped to $127. I really should have sold in the $170s but oh well. I'm looking to get back in at some point. I'm just trying to...
  12. Sgt Beavis

    Doug DeMuro has a Rivian

    I suppose the review is coming soon.
  13. Sgt Beavis

    Autoblog Podcast

    Autoblog's Podcast discusses the Rivian. Not really a review, just discussing their thoughts after a quick drive. Mainly talking about how cool it is. Link takes you to 16:25 of the pod cast where the Rivian discussion begins.