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  1. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    Rear door is upper and lower split style hatch. The lower portion was manual open / close. The upper portion was automatic with a switch outside and a second switch inside that ends up being above your head in the center of the hatch to close. The key fob also has a hatch button, so my guess...
  2. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    I met with friend today who has a 2021 Ford Explorer ST. I made it a point to see how it compared. After sitting inside and going over its function of the second row, I personally think this is a lot closer to the R1S than the Flex I currently own. The Explorer operates exactly the same, with...
  3. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    My only comparison is a Ford Flex, since we've had two of them. I would say size wise, they are very similar in size and seating room. I've had smaller adults and teenagers in the back of the Flex, but can't really remember ever sitting back there (dad always has to drive). The difference...
  4. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    I don't want to give you the wrong info. That second row seat reclines and has forward / back seat lever located under the front of the seat bottom. With the seat at 90 degrees straight up and the seat slid all the way forward its a big "maybe". I want to say there was enough room, but I'm...
  5. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    Hit a botton on top of the seat back, seat back then folds forward to about 45 degrees and the whole seat slides forward on the track. This is what creates the access to the back seats.
  6. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    Neighbor brought this one home today. Probably about as close to a finished ready for sale vehicle possible. Sat in it and got to play with a lot of the features. Can confirm it does have real cup holders for the rear passengers. Also has a secondary air conditioning system that covers the...
  7. Got to drive an R1T **(not R1S)** yesterday - Dang!

    That's why I'm taking the Dog... He is a 110 pound Bernedoodle that kinda looks like Gary.
  8. Got to drive an R1T **(not R1S)** yesterday - Dang!

    He is probably not my neighbor. My neighbor has been bringing cars home for a while now. Funny thing is, even though he is an employee, he still did the First Ride at his house last week, so his wife could drive a finished R1. He didn't even tell the driver that he worked for Rivian.
  9. Got to drive an R1T **(not R1S)** yesterday - Dang!

    Well... while we wait... this is at my neighbors house right now... I think I'll go walk the dog and take a looksy..
  10. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    100% correct... I really wish I could give proof, pics and maybe go a little more in-depth of what my neighbor talks about. Unfortunately, the internet forums pretty much turned into twitter. Peoples feelings get hurt and before you know it, my neighbor is interviewing at another company...
  11. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    As far as the crash testing, I'm pretty sure that they aren't the first company to sell a vehicle without the tests complete. I have a faint memory of one our Ford Flex's or F150's that didn't have crash testing scores at the time we took delivery of the vehicle. After doing a little...
  12. Guide gave me an official R1S delay

    So.. spoke with my neighbor who is an employee of Rivian and based out of Irvine. He just spent the last few weeks out at Normal, because they are extremely short staffed and especially short of technically skilled labor on the assembly lines. That just makes things take longer. He said he...
  13. Don't settle; give your local financing instution a chance.

    1.84 % great. Right now I was given offer of 1.99%/ 72 months from my Credit Union and they typically give you an extra .25% if you auto draft your payment every month. They also consider a car "new" if it is the same model year as the current year. In the past, when purchasing a car from...
  14. Charging before Wall Charger Delivered

    Do a search on youtube. Many of the wall chargers available (I'm pretty sure Rivian Charger included) have dip switches inside. With the dip switches, you can select your maximum output, based on the wire size and breaker size available at your house. In order to use the 48 amp charge rate...
  15. R1S Owners Guide Manual Available! 📒

    The rear controls were locked out during my first mile drive today. LE R1T.
  16. Should I even get PPF and ceramic? Keeping truck outside

    Probably only going to get PPF on the front and mirrors. We currently have a Ford Flex and it gets beat to hell on the front from rocks. The front of the R1S has a very similar profile, so I want to avoid a litte of that damage.
  17. LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    A lot of shops have 24 - 48 hour turnaround. I plan putting the truck on stands in the garage until I get all four back. Not sure of the logistics yet, but getting all four done at the same time is the only way to go.
  18. R1T with Ocean Coast Interior - delivery pic request

    Use the Limestone flow chart and substitute in Ocean Coast...
  19. Garage door opener software

    I've been using the Meross unit for a few years now with no issues. Worked great with an older opener and also work once I went from chain drive to belt drive units for lower noise. They offer the open/ close / door reminders for $22.00 on Amazon. Forgot to mention, it works with Alexa and...