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  1. Lysdexic

    Delivery! Limestone & 22” dark wheels

    Dang, it could have been mine. Limestone/Dark wheels/Black Mountain interior. It just fits Good for you sir
  2. Lysdexic

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    That’s cuz it is he is busy pulling trucks in for delivery.
  3. Lysdexic

    Tonneau cover issues

    Then, obviously, no supply issues with the powered tonneau. Curious as to which specific parts are the rate limiting step. Watching this company sprout and struggle to survive is like a Netflix series. But real.
  4. Lysdexic

    Tonneau cover issues

    The ONLY reason that I keep the power tonneau cover in my configuration is I worry that the manual cover will delay my delivery. Has anyone seen a R1T delivered without one? I haven’t…
  5. Lysdexic

    What’s your best “OMG is that a Rivian?!?” sighting moment?

    That is a really nice pic. Did you take it? A difficult exposure.
  6. Lysdexic

    My Lightning is Built

    Thanks for the info. I thought it was much more as well.
  7. Lysdexic

    Today was delivery day after 1,009 days since pre-order. My take on the delivery process

    If you don’t pick up, will Rivian leave a message? Like a lot, or most people, if I don’t know the number I ignore it. Certainly they are not going to move to the next customer if can’t pick up the phone at that moment.
  8. Lysdexic

    Rivian Insurance - Jump to Front

    Gotchya. That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation - very helpful.
  9. Lysdexic

    Oct-Dec 2022 Delivery Windows

    Right? You have all the ”right” pre-order stats. I would think you should have your truck by now.
  10. Lysdexic

    Rivian Insurance - Jump to Front

    So, you talked to them MONTHS before taking delivery. I assume you initiated the call doing due deligence on their product. Or did they call you?
  11. Lysdexic

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    So, if I understand this correctly, that R1T is the property of the owner even before delivery. That means that the customer has to obtain the accident report and file with their insurance? Rivian is off the hook? edit: geesh, what a myopic comment. I hope the driver of the other truck is okay.
  12. Lysdexic

    Oct-Dec 2022 Delivery Windows

    Being in California I’d be surprised if you didn’t
  13. Lysdexic

    ALL 10 Rivian colors compared!

    Thanks for putting this together. Very helpful.
  14. Lysdexic

    Limestone Rivian R1T vs Cactus Gray Ford Bronco

    I could be wrong here but I think Jeep was the original with this color. They released “Anvil” in 2015 on the Hard Rock edition. Prior to getting my rubicon then in this color, I do not recall any others on the market with this scheme. Not my Jeep BTW
  15. Lysdexic

    WSJ Article: A High-Speed EV Crash

    Regardless, in the case of this article, it was short, superficial, leftover information. Click bait. Disappointing coming from the WSJ.
  16. Lysdexic

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    Okay, okay. I switched my configuration again. Switched back from BM to FE. Bottom line - I’d be happy with either.
  17. Lysdexic

    Richmond Rivian Center -- 30+ R1T prepped for delivery

    Curious. What was the nature of the service call?
  18. Lysdexic

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    Thanks for the pics. If Limestone was truly the color in your first pic - Forest Edge interior would be cringy. However, FE with the second pic - sweet.
  19. Lysdexic

    Oct-Dec 2022 Delivery Windows

    You detailed your trade in? Impressive.