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  1. lmr

    Official (Operational) Rivian Service Centers List Released by Rivian

    The Portland location they are working out of currently is the temporary staging location, as the permanent location is still in the permits approval process with city of Portland, ongoing since September, par for the course for Portland unfortunately...
  2. lmr

    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities (Pics & Updates)

    From Rivian's S-1 filing last year: Rivian Automotive, Inc. - Form S-1 I noticed New Jersey doesn't seem to have any Tesla Service Centers either, so unless New Jersey changes its laws, or has changed them in the last 7 months since Rivian filed, or starts providing exceptions to...
  3. lmr

    Bug or Design Intent

    If the sensors in your previous vehicles are not triggering till 65-80lbs then something is very wrong with them. The rules around the airbag sensors is that manufacturers must account for passengers of different weights that may be in the front seats and adjust the airbag deployment...
  4. lmr

    Automotive News - Rivian ready for big things - Forest Edge on the production line!!! Black R1S !!!

    That photo looks a bit stretched to me, or maybe its those wheels, but something makes that R1S look longer than it is. R1S is 11" shorter than a standard Escalade and 26" shorter than an Escalade ESV. Despite being 11" shorter, however, the wheelbase between the R1s and Escalade is almost...
  5. lmr

    Frunk Dimensions for Mobile Fridge

    Here is a useful article from Rivian that is handy to bookmark: Everything in its Place
  6. lmr

    Raptor bedliner sprayed R1T

    Looks like it could be this stuff from Starwood Motors:
  7. lmr

    Raptor bedliner sprayed R1T

    This has been a common thing in recent years on off-road trucks and suvs, so not surprised that someone has done this already to a R1T. That being said, while I don't mind the overall look, in its new state, I would hate to do it to a new vehicle knowing what this stuff looks like after a few...
  8. lmr

    Rivian responding to emails ?

    I have yet to experience a non-response from CS via email, in fact all my interactions with support has been through email so far. At most I have waited a week or so to get a response, and have had three email exchanges over the last 6 months.
  9. lmr

    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities (Pics & Updates)

    Looks like several of their permits are still showing as 'Under Review' with City of Portland, including their Commercial Building Permit, Mechanical Permit, and PDOT permit for Public Street Improvements.
  10. lmr

    CA - Registration Price Shock, Commerical?

    Correct! However, in the case of Rivian, as they currently do not have a dealership license in Oregon, there is an additional .5% tax on the R1 purchase price that needs to be paid at time of registration. This is due to the fact that Rivian is currently selling the vehicles as an Illinois...
  11. lmr

    camp speaker in Adventure Package (non launch edition)?

    Yes, it is included on the Adventure packages as it is part of the Meridian Sound System:
  12. lmr

    [Official] MARCH 2022 R1T + R1S Tow Operator Guide & Troubleshooting

    Awesome! Also, for reference, the rear storage bin in the R1S is listed at 5.1 cu ft, so a little less than half of the space available in the front trunk.
  13. lmr

    Spotted R1S Charging in Fairbanks AK!

    Manufacturers don't just do cold weather testing once and call it done, they do it every year. I worked for a vehicle testing firm from 2002 -2009, we tested in Fairbanks, AK (Maricopa, AZ in the summers for warm weather testing) every year from October thru March for several vehicle...
  14. lmr

    Spotted R1S Charging in Fairbanks AK!

    Fairbanks! My hometown... nice to see Rivian is testing up in Alaska!
  15. lmr

    Driver+ Not up to current Spec - A Deal Breaker (?)

    All I want is adaptive cruise control for long road trips and stop&go traffic situations, the rest of it, I don't really care about.
  16. lmr

    Any 2021 R1S reservations in the house?

    November 2021. Originally ordered an R1T and was given the Q4 2022 delivery window in December, but I have since decided that the R1S is the better option for me, so I am guessing that lands me somewhere in 2H 2023, or even farther out given the 25K vehicle production estimates for this year.
  17. lmr

    Is there demand at the new price?

    Yes, I would have paid as much as a new Model X as well... ;)
  18. lmr

    Shareholder Lawsuit

    There were two filings yesterday on this particular lawsuit: Date Filed Document Text March 7, 2022 Filing 2 NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal by Charles Larry Crews, Jr. (Walker, Jacob) (Filed on 3/7/2022) March 7, 2022 Filing 1 COMPLAINT against All Defendants ( Filing fee $ 402, receipt...
  19. lmr

    3rd Row Design / Cargo Area Photos?

    Now that you mention it, I would have to agree, especially given that the overall width between the R1T and R1S is the same, and we already have confirmation that the space between the wheel wells in the R1T bed is just wide enough for a sheet of plywood or drywall.