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  1. JeremyMKE

    R1T Break Down Report & Rivian Customer Service Review -- Milwaukee to Detroit Trip

    On October Second I departed Milwaukee, WI with a full charge headed to Novi MI outside Detroit. TLDR - the drive disconnect on the left rear wheel failed causing catastrophic chain of events. Rivian Emergency and Vehicle service are World Class and I am scheduled to have the truck back in less...
  2. JeremyMKE

    Road trip testing the R1T's limits: Updates From The Road

    Taking the family and the truck loaded for bear to the end of Door County. Aero caps on the wheels and no high speed chargers. it’s gonna be an adventure In range anxiety but I am confident. Trip report to come.
  3. JeremyMKE

    240V Adapters what do you have?

    Rivian hive mind, EDIT - I am using the Rivian Portable Charger Summer is coming and charging infrastructure is still problematic (being kind) in WI. I have a Tesla Tap Mini for any tesla destination chargers. I like being prepared for most contingencies. What do people have to take advantage...
  4. JeremyMKE

    Rivian Design Process: Autodesk Collaboration to Expedite Validation Through VR

    Marketing Video on the tools Rivian uses to design and visualize the internal and external experience of their videos.
  5. JeremyMKE

    Spring Break in Wisconsin!

    The truck kicked ass in wet, heavy, relatively deep snow today as I drove around and played neighborhood hero with the snowblower. powering through Snowplow walls with aplomb and totally stable. I got quite a few what the hell is that thing comments as everyone else was struggling. Good day...
  6. JeremyMKE

    Anyone want a Parade Mode?

    Anybody else want a Parade mode? My Rivian will be in the holiday parade this weekend and I sure wish I could have some features enabled while travelling sub say 15 mph Full Camp Lighting Drive with Gear tunnel open Cool Exterior Lighting options Unrestricted Tank Turn (When Available)...
  7. JeremyMKE

    Rivian Ordering and Delivery Summary (Complaint) - Motor Trend

    For those who think MT is completely in Rivians pocket. I personally agree with almost all his complaints. I did not enjoy my buying process. https://www.motortrend.com/features/i-bought-a-rivian-r1t-electric-pickup-order-delivery/
  8. JeremyMKE

    Home Depot Run

    120 edging pavers loaded and transported. Rivian handled it with aplomb. Felt as normal, suspension soaked it up.
  9. JeremyMKE

    Cinco de Mayo Top Tip!

    This unopened bottle of Cazadores Blanco Tequila will fit in the center console bin. Don't drink and drive.
  10. JeremyMKE

    Service Summary - R1T - How to drain a battery in 30 hours or less

    My purpose here is to inform on my personal experience to help others avoid what happened to me. The service team from Rivian was outstanding in just about every way going above and beyond in a difficult situation. The first problem: Upon delivery of my R1T I noticed that when I dropped my kid...
  11. JeremyMKE

    Charging Networks to Join? - Advice Sought

    As my delivery is approaching I have heard advice that having accounts for charging networks setup ahead of time is a good idea. Rivian connects to the Chargepoint Network, which I THINK gives access to Electrify America chargers. Hopefully at the same discounts? I have no idea who else...
  12. JeremyMKE

    Tailgate Bike Rack Patent

    This is interesting. I need to handle 4 bikes with the Rivian so I am keen to find the most efficient way to do so. First I have seen about a mounting system for the bed/tailgate. https://gearjunkie.com/motors/truck/rivian-tailgate-bike-rack-patent
  13. JeremyMKE

    Accessory Wish List

    Many things are covered with the hitch and Yakima racks but what are factory options you would like to see. Personally stow-able loading ramps that easily and securely are stored somewhere in the vehicle are high on my list. Frunk Fridge Retractable lighting bar? Pony Keg insert for bed...
  14. JeremyMKE

    Rivian Cookie Cutter ?

    In my excitement after receiving a delivery window I took it upon myself to design a Rivian shaped Cookie Cutter with a Christmas Tree in the back. The cutter is designed to have an outer shape per normal and then recessed inserts for the wheel arches, windows, etc to create indentations in the...
  15. JeremyMKE

    ? Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    April - May 2022 Here we go!!! R1T, Forest Green, Launch Edition, 20" AT Wheels, Ocean Coast 09/2019 Reservation - Milwaukee. Looks like they lumped us in with Chicago deliveries as I hoped they would. Sample screenshot posted by @ajbrutman
  16. JeremyMKE

    Delivery Pics, how do we want to share on the forum???

    I am an optimist at heart, what does the hive mind think about how to share our new rides when we get them? The first few will obviously get their own detailed posts from those generous individuals who take the time to review them for us. But as deliveries ramp up should we just post in the...
  17. JeremyMKE

    Painting the Amazon Vans

    Posted by RJ on Insta @Administrator I just realized this is posted elsewhere, feel free to delete
  18. JeremyMKE

    Hyundai Santa Cruz

    I don't know that its a direct competitor but an ICE vehicle with a similar target audience. https://www.hyundaiusa.com/us/en/vehicles/2022-santa-cruz First impressions, I like it...
  19. JeremyMKE

    Jalopnik - First BEV Truck in production?

    This is a take on who will be first in meaningful production. I found his position on Rivian a little harsh and dismissive. To be fair BEV startups should be viewed with strong skepticism. https://jalopnik.com/so-wholl-be-first-to-mass-produce-an-electric-truck-1846623595 For the record I am...