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  1. connoisseurr

    Virginia 22” Pirelli Scorpion Tire - HL275/50R22

    Brand new tire for 22” Sport wheels. $400 SHIPPED
  2. connoisseurr

    Hansshow Retractable Running Boards

    Got an IG ad for these. Who’s taking one for the team? https://www.hautopart.com/collections/rivian-r1t-r1s/products/rivian-r1t-electric-running-board-lhd-22
  3. connoisseurr

    Requesting Rivian to Replace Tires

    Looking to hear from owners that have attempted (successful orto get Rivian to replace tires at their expense, due to premature wear. I have 8,000 miles on an R1T with 22” wheels; the tires are shot, due to what I believe was from multiple faulty alignments completed by Rivian. I’ve yet to...
  4. connoisseurr

    SAAB/NEVS Emily GT "Saloon" with Proteon Motors

    While this is NOT a competitor to Rivian in any way (for the time being), I've seen this pop up all over my newsfeed the past few days and wanted to share with you electrified nerds. Owning multiple Saabs and Volvos in the past, and loving Scandinavian design, engineering and culture, I'm eager...
  5. connoisseurr

    R1T Tailgate Soft Open Failed

    I've searched a few different terms for this and couldn't find another post or thread for this ask. Has anyone's truck tailgate soft open piston failed? My tailgate has ZERO damping, and just fall open with no resistance.
  6. connoisseurr

    New Temporary Rivian Service Center - Capitol Heights, MD

    Was just informed by a mobile service tech that Rivian is working to open a temporary service center in Capitol Heights, to support small to medium diagnosis and repair, while the new Gaithersburg, MD facility is onboarded. Heavy repairs will be diverted to fully active service centers.
  7. connoisseurr

    IRS Form 8936 Qualified EV Credit is now available in TurboTax

    Form went live this AM. FYI for Virginia filers, there's an issue with a state form (a glitch of sorts), that is preventing members from submitting their state return. You can either file Federal and State separately, or wait until the update is complete to file both. Issues with e-filing...
  8. connoisseurr

    Virginia Brand new 8-ft gear guard security cable

    Brand new never used. $80 OBO SHIPPED
  9. connoisseurr

    Virginia BNIB Rivian Mobile Charger

    New charger with both plugs and bag. $400 OBO SHIPPED
  10. connoisseurr

    Conserve Mode should only be selected while the vehicle is stopped? (says Rivian Service Center technicians)

    Over the past two weeks, I’ve read two unrelated posts on Reddit about owners being told by service center technicians that conserve mode should only be selected while the vehicle is stopped. This is being shared by Rivian service AFTER owners are having rear drive units replaced due to...
  11. connoisseurr

    Bed Cargo Bars Bike Rack?

    Looking for a solution for bed rack mounting bikes. We have gravel bikes, 700c tires. What premium solutions are available to mount bikes w/o removing front tire?
  12. connoisseurr

    My Rivian R1T Repurchase / Buyback Experience & Replacement

    This story was posted in another thread of mine, but did want it to catch some traction on its own. Background Info: January 2019 preorder holder, changed from Max Pack to Large Pack mid-September, had a VIN, 8-steps, and delivery scheduled in 3 days. We had an R1T delivery set for September...
  13. connoisseurr

    If you haven't considered Red Canyon, you should...

    Today, we took delivery of a Red Canyon R1T, and we're unsure why we didn't choose this color from the get-go. Our original R1T was repurchased by Rivian due to paint issues and ongoing mechanical issues that Rivian Service could not properly address. During the repurchase process, we were...
  14. connoisseurr

    Nitto Ridge Grapplers tires (295/50/22) installed on 22” wheels on Rivian R1T

    Found this on Reddit, definitely a unique execution. "Just installed 295/50/22 Nitto Ridge Grapplers on my R1T. No rubbing on flat surfaces even turning on lowest setting. Surely there will be a range impact but unsure yet, will follow up with that info. I know this is not the most practical of...
  15. connoisseurr

    OTA 39.3 Released [Added: Video of Halloween Theme]

    Updated with video of Halloween Theme by @jerseyff Just got the notification for this and my Service Center is actively installing. Anyone else get this? I wasn’t able to see the changelog notes. Added screenshots of changelog / update notes (by @tiltedandsaltyaf) :
  16. connoisseurr

    Extremely Hot Interior while at SC

    Very interested to know your thoughts, why the truck cabin is at 108°, while at Service Center? Outdoor temp high was 68°.
  17. connoisseurr

    Water Sloshing Sound - Passenger Side

    Has anyone experienced this? I can hear it at lower speeds on acceleration and deceleration.
  18. connoisseurr

    Interior Door Panel Removal Instructions?

    Since Rivian seems to think a an R1T service or repair manual is proprietary and cannot provide (I call BS and said they haven’t made one yet), I’m looking to the forums for support. Has anyone been successful in removing the a front interior door panel? I will be installing PPF on the front...