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  1. dleewla

    Recommendation needed: bike rack/mount compatible with Rivian crossbars

    i know nothing about bike racks but trying to gather info on what options are out there that are compatible with the Rivian OEM crossbars. not looking for hitch mount bike racks. want to mount them on the bed or the roof. any recommendations would be appreciated.
  2. dleewla

    Rivian Electric Summer Kick Off (Newsletter) - Refresh Announcement

    so Rivian just dropped this in the new newsletter. unfortunately, the link doesn't work though its supposed to just take you to the main Spaces page (rivian.com/Spaces apparently isn't the same as rivian.com/spaces - someone needs to enable a re-direct ASAP) anyways, when you go to the correct...
  3. dleewla

    5 tire rotation. Worth doing or 4 tire roation is fine?

    i know it can help extend the life of the tires. any reasons not to do it? fyi, i have the 20" OEM Pirelli Scorpions. my tires are at 8/32 and i just got a 5th tire from a friend which is also at 8/32.
  4. dleewla

    Underbody rust - should I be worried?

    I was underneath my vehicle checking in something and noticed I have 4 bolts missing. I know the last time I checked I had no missing bolts. Anyways, in two of the workpieces where the bolt goes I see what looks like rust. I have the RUS but this is on the area underneath the front of the...
  5. dleewla

    Is there a seal issue with my front windshield?

    i noticed this the other day and not sure if thats a build quality issue or its normal. it seems like the rubber trim on the drivers side should be tucked under the plastic trim like it is on the passenger side. and if it is supposed to be tucked under, then the issue goes all the way up the...
  6. dleewla

    R2 Photo Gallery - deep dive analysis

    ok, i know, its a prototype and know nothing is set in stone. but still fun to dive in. here are a few things i noticed looking at the R2 photo gallery. Ok not really part of the photo gallery but very interested in the 4695 battery. Never heard of that size before. And it’s going to be a...
  7. dleewla

    That new R2 / R3 steering wheel though...

    i'm fascinated by the new steering wheel, specifically the scroll wheels, Rivian will be introducing with the R2. i think i have a good sense of what the interaction, response and feel is going to be like based on the way RJ described it and its going to be amazing. its brilliant. and its not...
  8. dleewla

    R2 reservations if attending livestream at a Rivian space?

    so im wondering how those who are attending livestream events at one of the Rivian spaces will be able to reserve the R2 during the reveal? Rivian has stated reservations will open up during the livestream. do you think they will have priority reserving for those in attendance? otherwise...
  9. dleewla

    Has anyone tried sound deadener spray in the wheel wells?

    i was searching for something unrelated and stumbled on this. didnt know this was a thing. has anyone tried it on the R1 or any other vehicle and does it work? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083ZKP5L9
  10. dleewla

    Driver+ experience and observations: room for improvement

    I’ve had my R1T for about a year. I use Driver+ as much as possible to try to help Rivian gather as much driving data as they can in the hopes it’ll help them make improvements. And bottom line is it needs to improve. A lot. You have to have confidence in the system if you want folks to use...
  11. dleewla

    WTT: anyone want to trade their OEM 20 AT dark for my OEM 20 AT wheels?

    throwing this out there to see if anyone wants to trade their OEM 20 AT darks for my OEM 20 ATs. my wheels are in perfect condition, no scratches, dents or curb rash that im aware of. have 14k miles on the tires and tread depth is 9/32. have Twraps Spokes Vinyl Covers on the wheels. i live...
  12. dleewla

    Anyone's vehicle get deleted from the mobile app?

    i picked up my R1T from service today. looked fine and all the work was done. i went to work for a few hours and when i got back to the vehicle, i was greeted with the "welcome to your vehicle" startup screen when you first pickup on delivery day. i clicked through and see that my profile is...
  13. dleewla

    Thoughts on R1S loaner from an R1T owner

    my R1T was in service last week and i had an enterprise rental but they ordered the wrong part and its going to be another week so they asked if i wanted a Rivian loaner instead. uhhh, yeah. so now ive been driving an R1S: FG, BM, 20AT dark, doesnt have the latest OTA update. i was looking...
  14. dleewla

    Increased tire noise from OEM Pirelli 20" ATs after 13k miles

    so i recently noticed that tire/road noise from my OEM Pirellis 20" AT tires has gotten noticeably louder after i hit about 13k miles. tread depth is probably more important than miles. i checked that and all the tires were right around 8/32 at 13k. im now at 15k. i did rotations at 7k and...
  15. dleewla

    Anyone else find it hard to wash the 20” AT wheels?

    There’s a “channel” on the inner part of the wheel that collects dust and dirt. And after you wash it collects water. Unless you remove and dry out the water it ends up getting the wheel dirty again. You can see in my pic in between washes it leaves streaked on the tires. It’s a strange...
  16. dleewla

    Rvian patents cargo bay divider

  17. dleewla

    Rivian manual tonneau is rusting

    Hate to bring up another issue with the manual tonneau but just discovered this on mine. Bolts are starting to rust on the underside on 3 out of 4 panels. Live in the PNW so it rains a lot and is damp all the time.
  18. dleewla

    R1T/R1S Shop Access Now Open to All (most)

    Looks like Rivian has opened the R1T and R1S Shop to most everyone (hearing the link doesnt work for some folks who are far from SCs): https://rivian.com/configurations/list Hopefully that will lead to more sales for Rivian as it no longer requires the $1000 to reserve but you put the $1000...
  19. dleewla

    Service center swapped out my Meridian speaker with the Rivian Elevation speaker

    UPDATE: the service center says it was a mistake and they are going to correct it. mobile service will come out and replace with the correct Meridian speaker grille. they saythe speaker itself is the Meridian and that wasn't changed. Rivian customer service comes through again! ----- i...
  20. dleewla

    Freezing Temps - Unable to open spare tire latch on the R1T

    the last 4-5 days we've had below freezing temps and i 3 of my 4 windows have not been able to open, even after physically assisting it. so i wanted to check the rest of the truck to see what would and wouldn't open in the cold temps. everything else opened except the spare tire space. the...