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  1. Nano

    Prinsu Pro Roof Rack on R1S - install photos & review

    I had the original Prinsu rack on my 4Runner that the Rivian replaced and loved it! It was a great addition for the 6 years I had the truck and I used it often! Up until now the only roof rack option I found was the Ruff Rack which is exorbitantly priced and I feel sits too tall when I saw it...
  2. Nano

    Steering Module redesign coming

    I took delivery of my R1S in late September and have 5K+ miles on it. When we took delivery the steering wheel made a clicking grinding noise when it would turn. Scheduled or service Nov. 5th to fix that and a few other things like misaligned A pillar trim, rear passenger exterior window trim...
  3. Nano

    Driver + update needed for safety issue

    I just completed my first 1200 mile road trip from Vancouver,WA to Montana. The R1S is a great road tripping car itself although the finding reliable EA charging along the way was not as great. Also the Rivian mileage prediction was very conservative and we consistently ended with more mileage...
  4. Nano

    Heated steering wheel update needed

    I live in the PNW where it is now getting wet and colder and my hands are generally cold most of the time. Nothing cuts through you like mid 30's and wet. I am 4 weeks into my R1S ownership and loving it, mostly. What I noticed on the heated steering wheel is it will warm up quite nicely but...
  5. Nano

    LinerX R1S modification

    I am 3 weeks and 1600 miles into owning my R1S and like every car I own I have to modify it to make it "better". I ordered the entire cargo mat set from LinerX and am pretty pleased with it. The only issue I had is the 2nd row seat back covers came with velco to use so they would stick to the...
  6. Nano

    Fan seems loud

    I picked up my R1S on 9/23/23. The fan sounds unusually loud on Auto when it is set to speed 2. In my other cars I rarely hear the fan at all unless it is blowing hard. Is this a normal sounding fan sound? I have a few other service issues like an mis installed A pillar trim and a rattle in the...
  7. Nano

    Help with auto adjusting driver's seat

    I just picked my R1S this past Saturday. I am 6'3" and my wife is 5'3". I am listed as the owner and my wife is the driver in our Rivian profiles. We enabled the auto easy exit function when we leave and kneel mode for her. Neither seem to be working consistently. We continue to run into issues...
  8. Nano

    Per Guide: 250KW max charging and streaming services coming soon

    I am a brand new Rivian Forum member (although I have been a classiczcars Forum member for years with my 71 240Z). I took delivery of my Forest Green R1S with black interior this Saturday. VIN# 19751. Order Date Dec. 2021. This my first EV and getting used to it. I noticed a couple issues...