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  1. SDH

    New R1 Refresh (R1S) Spotted in most revealing look yet! [Updated w/ New Plant Photos 5/29/24]

    Oh no, please don't turn these all into Range Rovers which only seem to be specc'd in black on black, with black wheels, black pack and extra blacked out windows.
  2. SDH

    Tom Voelk R2 / R3x walk around deep-dive

    It's easy to be all doom and gloom about Rivian; it's share price, cash needs etc etc. but then you watch something like this, and see the line of interested people, the really cool stuff that's in the pipeline and it makes me think... what other car company has such a strong and unique brand...
  3. SDH

    Interesting EV Article

    You get about 300 miles of range with the current battery. What giant leap are you waiting for? Also, if RIVN shares drop 20%, that doesn't mean your car is now worth 20% less. If you're really worried about them going bust, Aston Martin have gone bust 7 times in my lifetime. Just buy or...
  4. SDH

    Has anyone had their Rivian stolen?

    Given how hard it can be for me as an owner with the app to unlock the car, good luck to any thief!
  5. SDH

    Motortrend: R1T comes out on top versus Hummer EV and Cybertruck

    Correct. Never confuse price with value. Us folks who got the LE at initial price got a crazy good deal IMO.
  6. SDH

    Rivian Q1 2024 results : revenue beat, earnings miss, sticks to annual production forecast

    I'm not going to dispute the trouble bit. They may need tap investors/bond markets at some point. It's still early days in their 'journey' (man, I'm disgusted with myself for using that phrase!) However, I disagree that Rivian isn't distinguished from others. I think as a brand in itself, not...
  7. SDH

    Rivian Q1 2024 results : revenue beat, earnings miss, sticks to annual production forecast

    Drink a shot every time the word "Apple" is mentioned.
  8. SDH

    Apple & Rivian Reportedly in Partnership Talks

    So buying RIVN for $78/share when it's currently trading at $10? Really? I'd love to have bought my house for the price it was 20 years ago. Dream on!
  9. SDH

    Suspension issue…took delivery yesterday…

    I've never been a fan of their air-suspension, even with the software updates. Way too jerky and doesn't ride bumps that well. I test drove an F-150 Lightening the other day and it was way smoother. A much nicer ride. Even the regular ICE F150 and RAM 1500 has better suspension. I wish...
  10. SDH

    I just got an r1s recently but i am very bummed to find out that there is a refresh with lots of improvements coming

    Wow, first world problem. Did you think they'd never refresh the R1? Here's a tip, don't buy a smartphone/TV/computer ever. There's always going to be a newer/better/smarter/faster one round the corner. Jeez...
  11. SDH

    Rivian replaces COO. Hires Javier Varela, who was most recently Volvo’s COO and Deputy CEO

    I like this. Even the biggest and most well-established companies hire the odd dud but all too often haven't got the balls to fire them. I'm not suggesting RJ and the C-suite need to be all "hardcore" like Tesla, but they've got to be pretty ruthless at this stage of their growth. Good on them...
  12. SDH

    Anyone install a Blind Spot Mirror?

    Certainly where I live, those stalk things behind the wheel are rarely, if ever, used by drivers. Perhaps being British and bit old school, I always thought it was advisable to indicate (that's why we call them "indicators", not turn signal) to other road user what you'd like to do on the road...
  13. SDH

    So what is up with this company?

  14. SDH

    My Rivian Driver+ almost killed me

    I know this is easy said in hindsight but I have never trusted these systems. Perhaps I'm old school and like to be in control. I get their use case, but for me you should never take your concentration off the road. Thanks for sharing though. Hopefully it'll make the system safer.
  15. SDH

    would you buy R1T again as of 3/25/2024?

    Not sure I'd buy the equivalent R1T I have today as I got my LE at the early price. For me, that was a steal. $ for $, epic value despite a few (minor) early adopter issues. Would consider an R1T again only with dual motor, large pack and if it came with coil over suspension. As I'm a 2-car...
  16. SDH

    Rivian temporarily pausing R1 configurator due to production line shutdown

    I agree with much of the common sense so far on this thread. Yes, Rivian need to make the R1 platform profitable (or at least as close to break-even) and surely doing this means subbing out the frivolous stuff that went on the earlier models - ventilated seats, wood dash, camp speaker, powered...
  17. SDH

    How to Improve a Rivian R1T's Meridian Sound System w/ Simple EQ Changes (Equipment Measured Tests & Results) + Comparison to Elevation System

    Dang.... I have no idea what you were talking about but it sounds damn impressive and so I'll run with it. So to confirm (because i really don't know what this means): Use these EQ settings: 63 Hz -3 notches, 125 Hz -3, 1 kHz +3, 2 kHz +3. ??
  18. SDH

    Resolved (my) excessive wind noise 2023 R1T (cause: corner window plastic trim)

    Success! Cuts out 95%+ of the wind noise. Not totally silent, but then no car is. Made a HUGE difference. Interesting ... I only really noticed the noise on the driver side. When i went to stuff the rubber sealing on the passenger side, it would not fit (unlike the drivers side). That would...