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  1. Touchup paint for 22" bright wheels

    Does anyone know the best touch up paint for the the black portions of 22" Bright Wheels?
  2. Why does EA let random strangers stop your charge?

    Today I plugged in at an EA charger and after authorizing the charge via the app and confirming that the charge was going smoothly I walked over to a restaurant a few blocks away to eat lunch. 45 minutes later I came back to discover that I had barely gotten any charge because some random...
  3. Seat heat removed from app?

    I noticed today that I am no longer able to turn on the seat heat from the app. The scheduling feature seems to have gone missing too. I tried rebooting the vehicle and rebooting my phone with no change. Is anyone else experiencing this or am I unique? Or did I just forget where those things...
  4. dual motor performance, sport setting does not stick?

    https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a46228137/rivian-r1t-performance-quicker-acceleration-tested/ Is this true? If so I would find that hugely annoying since my quad is in sport+lowest 100% of the time. Not only the lack of acceleration, having the suspension rise up every time I parked would...
  5. Would you keep driving?

    AC charging does not work. DC charging does work. Seems to drive okay. First available service appointment is a month out. With Rivian (reasonably) closed today, I can't ask for their opinion. So I'll ask all of you? Would you be willing to drive a vehicle with this on the screen?
  6. Rivian vs 2019 Tesla in 12F weather

    This morning it is somewhat cold at 12F. I drove my Rivian 6.5 miles, and it consumed 20 EPA rated miles. Then I got in my 2019 Tesla Model 3 (non-heat-pump older model) and drove 16 miles. And only used 18 EPA rated miles of range. The Rivian is only capable of 304 * 6.5/20 = 98.8 real...
  7. Rivian customer service is #$%^&*

    On the day that I took delivery, one of the first things I did at the urging of the delivery specialist was create a second profile. Since I had only owned the vehicle for 5 minutes, I didn't realize how confusing it would be to have 2 accounts with the same first name. And to make it even...
  8. Gear guard: Event vs video

    In gear guard, when I click save it asks if I want to "copy event" or "copy video". Same thing when I click delete. It asks if I want to "delete event" or "delete video" . What's the difference between the event and video options?
  9. Electrify America claims their CCS chargers are incompatible with Rivian

    Is this new? According to the Electrify America App, all of their CCS chargers are incompatible with a Rivian R1S. I wonder if that is how they cover for their for the poor reliability. Officially everything is incompatible so it isn't their fault if you can't charge? On the filter page, if I...
  10. Pine Green

    A bunch of the new products added to the gear shop today come in "pine green". Could this be a sneak peak at a new paint color?
  11. My S self identifies as a T

    My R1S is telling Spotify that it is an R1T. Is my car unique? Or do all S's self identify as T's?
  12. Rivian Insurance - value of Fast Tracked Access

    My quote from Rivan's insurance is about $40/month more than sticking with my existing company. Coverage is the same, the only difference I can see is the Fast Tracked Access feature that only Rivian can offer. So, how much do you think the skip-the-waitlist feature is worth?
  13. Should I remove charger from my config? Or will that cause delay?

    I currently have the wall-charger selected on my pre-order but I'm on the fence if I actually want it. I'm leaning towards no, so I'm wondering if I should update my config to remove the charger before tonight's ETA update cut off. But I don't want to do anything to give Rivian an excuse to...
  14. Which tires come on 22 wheels?

    Does anyone know which of these comes stock? https://www.pirelli.com/ecolabels/web/us/3832200_US_P.jpg https://www.pirelli.com/ecolabels/web/us/4210000_US_P.jpg
  15. We are official

  16. the real star

    Such bad reporting. They don't even mention the real star of the show. (Watch the video) https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/tvshowbiz/video-2829987/Video-David-Beckham-arrives-Earthshot-Prize-Boston.html
  17. R1S with Spare vs without

    Is there any difference between the R1S with a Spare tire vs without Spare tire aside from the presence of a 5th tire? If you order a R1S without the spare tire, do you still get the hardware that would hold the spare in place so that if you later decide you want a spare it is as easy as...
  18. 2nd Row Width between armrests

    Can someone with an R1S (or access to one) measure the width between the armrests in the 2nd row? The pictures below show the measurement I am looking for on my current vehicles Model 3 and Suburban. 51" and 59" Thanks
  19. Where's the rest of it?

    Where is the rest of this truck? Was the crash so bad the only surviving piece is a single wheel hub? https://www.ebay.com/itm/175026696580?hash=item28c0677184:g:gCgAAOSwK6ZhlVAR
  20. Door Locks - how do they operate in a Rivian?

    It seems that most cars now automatically lock the doors when you put the vehicle into drive and I hate it. It isn't the fact that the doors are locked, it is the noise that it the locks make that drives me nuts. Has anyone who has gone on a test drive noticed how the door locks work? Do...