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    Layout of local Supercharger. What would you do?

    This is the closest Supercharger (v3) that I intent to use on the regular. I think I have the right idea regarding etiquette. Looking for confirmation or feedback on what you would do instead. Since neither Google nor Apple have up-to-date sat images, this is the best photo I'm able to find...
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    Dumpsters leak. That's what they do.

    Tesla Tells Cybertruck Owner Coolant Leaks Aren't Covered By Warranty After Only 35 Miles - Jalopnik
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    A dumpster and pools

    Not my post. Supposedly captured in Irvine, CA. If cleaning pools can get you a $100k+ truck, I've made totally wrong choices in life. 😭
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    Robocalls from Nationwide regarding renewal

    I am up for renewal in July (already?!) and lately I keep getting a robocall claiming to be Nationewide and asking me to call a renewal specialist. Anyone of you on Nationwide experienced this? Scam or just aggressive sales pitch to try to get me to switch other policies to them? EDIT: the...
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    Interesting stowaway rack patent by Ford

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/ford-patents-built-in-pickup-bed-rack-with-stowaway-rails-and-it-sure-seems-handy I can see this working on the R1T, with various accessories that could be added to it. Like a crane/winch for the full size spare. But the tonneau cover's rails and the whole tonneau...
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    It isn't just Rivians with "weak" tie rods

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    Perfect characterization of the "flagship" horn

    Listen to the first 10 seconds. It's the Built Right guys talking about the horn. And, as they were among first year deliveries, this would have been one with TWO factory horns. If anyone from Rivian is reading, this sort of reaction is just not something one would associate with a "flagship...
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    California Sold: R1T - new DCE doorsill protectors - with optional black texture powder coat

    Bought these a while back, but never installed them. They cost me over $280 total, plus a few weeks of lead time. All four pieces have adhesive tape on the backside, ready to install. Not compatible with R1S. Selling for $250 shipped or $230 local p/u or drop-off (in Orange County, CA).
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    Winter tires? We don't need no steeenkin' winter tires!

    Who's going to be the first to put these bad boys on their R1? 🤣 https://www.mattracks.co/tracks/trucks/
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    Latest rumor on VW's Scout — Magna Steyr

    All the recent hype over the CT prompted me to remember the forgotten Scout brand. It feels like it's been a year since they tried to generate some media hype? only to fall silent since? Electrek wrote just 2 days ago that VW may be tapping Magna Steyr on development. Magna Steyr builds the...
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    HF 3-ton Badland off-road jack is on sale

    FYI, Cyber Monday deal. $280 before taxes and shipping. https://www.harborfreight.com/3-ton-off-road-jack-59136.html?_br_psugg_q=badland
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    Küat IBEX rack. Anyone in Springfield, MO area?

    Over the weekend I got served an IG ad for the Küat IBEX rack. I think, aesthetically, this bed rack would be great for the R1T. Price for the shortbed Gladiator seem reasonable too ($1500). Does anyone here live near their HQ and could work with them on a R1T version?
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    25'/20' coiled hose to replace factory air hose

    11/27 UPDATE: Out of burning curiosity, I bought a 25' coiled hose to try and it fits perfectly. This is probably THE way to go. Like the shorter one, you will need to also buy a female 1/4 NPT Milton M style QD. Original post: Now that overnight temps are lower—causing tire pressure to...