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  1. RexRemus

    Charging History in Mobile App

    Does anyone else think that the Charging History section of the mobile app needs a rework? Not in the sense of UI or anything, but the fact that a "session" seems to be dictated by physical insertion and removal of the charging cable, and not... you know... ACTUAL charging sessions? For example...
  2. RexRemus

    Guess it was my time - 12v is dead

    While this is a relatively minor thing to deal with now, WHERE it happened is the real issue. It's going to be an absolute nightmare to try and get this serviced. The garage at my place is entirely unreachable for any flatbed to tow. The garage it's in it barely squeaks into and the drink area...
  3. RexRemus

    Community NVH Thread - Share your fixes for noises, rattles, clunks, squeaks

    Enjoying my R1S a great deal but I can't deny that it makes a LOT of noise. Rattles, clunks, squeaks, but especially... rattles. Did I mention it rattles a LOT, like on the smallest 1/4" deep road imperfection... rattles all over :D So I thought it might be nice to start a thread for community...
  4. RexRemus

    Weirdly random "aggressive" braking assist?

    First let me clarify - by aggressive I don't mean slamming on the brakes, I just mean noticeably more "aggressive" or perhaps "eager" than normal for WHEN they are applied. After the update that added extra braking assist for when regen is limited, I have noticed at least 2-3 times where my R1S...
  5. RexRemus

    The R3 86 special edition we need

    Tri-motor requires drift mode
  6. RexRemus

    Weird Charging Behavior post 50.1 update

    So... living in Chicago we just went through some brutal weather - it's all been discussed here - I was one of the people who had power go out early that first day and used my R1S to power a few critical items during the outage. Because my typical usage is very short trips, and only 1-2 times a...
  7. RexRemus

    sOOnish Key fob Surround

    Don't know if anyone else has gotten theirs yet but it is a pretty easy mod, and despite not fitting quite perfectly and requiring some slight modification, it went together well and is very solid.
  8. RexRemus

    Suggestions for headliner and seat cleaning supplies?

    So... had my first service appt. Mostly everything went well. All complaints seem to have been addressed however the service techs left me a few unexpected gifts... namely greasy/dirty fingerprints along the interior A-pillar headliner material, the drivers side armrest and console armrests, and...
  9. RexRemus

    3D Scanner works... Test prints working great!

    This was done in the worst possible way, without any proper setup, and is my first scan ever, but still came out decent. Likely usable for what I want to do with it. But more to come... I'm going to be making some cargo net quick-release hooks as most nets don't have clips that will...
  10. RexRemus

    First real winter weather with R1S

    While I am not terribly bothered by this (as it's somewhat a worst case scenario) I can't say it still wasn't a little surprising to see it... Cold battery, heat on 70, seat warmers (2) on 2nd pip, steering wheel heater on, stop and go Chicago traffic for a short trip and... And to be fair...
  11. RexRemus

    Suggestions for quality cargo net for R1S

    I bought a 2nd set of the cargo tie downs and I'd like to have a rear cargo net in the R1S - most of the time it would be flat, but sometimes I might need/want to mount it vertically - but I'll consider that a bonus, mostly I just want it horizontal over the rearmost section. Measured out this...
  12. RexRemus

    Loose underbody panels?

    So I've finally been hit by the gremlins... My charge port door is acting up and sorta "slams" itself shut but doesn't always close or fit properly. But I also noticed last night going over some bumps that sounded like something was loose under the floor. It's pouring something awful here...
  13. RexRemus

    So this is... Nirvana?

  14. RexRemus

    How has the 2023.34.0 Update changed the ride of your Rivian? [Vote in poll]

    Let's get a poll going... Please include your vehicle model in any responses - not everyone has it in their profile (you can also add it to your signature here). Thanks!
  15. RexRemus

    R1S Steering wheel creaking and squeaking?

    I am using the "easy entry" or whatever setting that drops the seat and raises the steering wheel when you park the vehicle, and then obviously adjusts things back to your settings when you get back in. I've noticed over the last few weeks that there has developed some... creaking sounds - not...
  16. RexRemus

    Took delivery today

    Found a near enough match in the store last week, and picked it up today. VIN 131XX One question - I had the wall charger, field kit, and cargo crossbars in my order and got.. none of them today. Is that still normal? I know early on pretty much no one got any accessories at delivery - is that...
  17. RexRemus

    New Rivian Owner Guide?

    I swear a while back there was a thread that covered things to do as a new Rivian (or really just EV) owner but my search capabilities seem to be failing me as I can't find it. Basically it had things like all the apps to download for charging/mapping (though with ABRP being bought... maybe...
  18. RexRemus

    PPF Shop Suggestions for NW Chicago area

    Anyone have any shops they can vouch for and a general idea of cost for a full wrap, window tints, chrome delete, etc.? I've reached out the Chicago Auto Pros but didn't hear back with a quote, looking for alternatives people trust. Thanks!
  19. RexRemus

    Need help - R1S Badging Information

    Hey all, trying to get some information in relation to this thread. Are there any R1S owners, or perhaps employees from a PPF/wrap shop, that can help answer a question about the compass badging? Basically - if you've removed the hood and C-pillar badges have you been able to compare them and...
  20. RexRemus

    When will Rivian admit that avoiding AA/Carplay is not about providing "better" UX?

    https://www.instagram.com/stories/direct/3089643835920368357_6678353802/ I know the AA/CarPlay thing is beaten to death, but I can't stand this answer we keep getting. "We're not implementing this because we feel we can deliver a better user experience" The problems with this are many... It...