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  1. SeaGeo

    Washington State Initiative to the People

    With the state seemingly getting more aggressive with Rivian and not allowing things like first mile drives in the State (apparently), it seems like an initiative may be in order. Is anyone interested in organizing an initiative to the people to allow direct to consumer sales of EVs in...
  2. SeaGeo

    S00nish Crossbar mounts + Bike Rack

    I thought some folks would be interested in this. I installed my crossbar mounts to store them in the bed and had the chance to test out a fork mount for the guys as well. I'm pretty pleased, as it does exactly what I wanted for a hell of a lot less than the dedicated bike mounts while not...
  3. SeaGeo

    Snow socks for the 20s.

    Anyone get a snow sock...
  4. SeaGeo


    From Rivian Stories: Need a current Detroit Area R1T AT/20 owners help! RS community I am working with a company to potentially develop a steel wheel option for the R1 platform. The goal is to develop a steel wheel for off-roading and use in the winter time to protect the pricy wheels our...
  5. SeaGeo

    clunk noise/feeling

    Thought I'd update folks as this recently came up. If it's quite and you're paying attention you can hear and sometimes feel through the pedal a noise when changing from paying throttle to regen, particularly rapidly at low speeds. While stopping at the service center to get my spare installed...
  6. SeaGeo

    Bed mounted vs hitch mounted bike rack?

    Alright avid bikers I'm stuck on the fence. What're you thoughts on each option and the pros cons? Any ideas on which will be a bigger hit on range?
  7. SeaGeo

    ABRP Reference Consumption

    So I was playing with ABRP to try and fit their reference efficiency at 65 mph to match Kyle's range test. It looks like ABRP is assuming about 122kwh usable. To achieve 289 miles of range at 70 mph I had to use a reference consumption of 2.75 mi/kwh @ 65 mph. Last I checked, the charging...
  8. SeaGeo

    rivian official Instagram Q&A

    Ask your questions, but please don't bomb them with "where's my truck" and "what configuration should I switch to" those obviously won't be help to a the general customer base and will just devalue the AMA.
  9. SeaGeo

    AIM SN

    Folks, I'm terribly disappointed more people aren't sharing their AIM SN. How are we supposed to chat otherwise?!
  10. SeaGeo

    Where's the bottleneck?

    Throwing out a crazy idea. Are the service centers and/or guides potentially the delivery bottleneck? Guides: we've head about a good number if unresponsive or slow to respond guides. And wr haven't heard of a large number I'd guides making new introductions lately. But we also know that there...
  11. SeaGeo

    DC Throttling "battery conditioning"

    If ya'll haven't noticed, the wonky ass charging curve has been bothering me since @timesinks posted his first curve. Thankfully Kyle Connor livestreamed his trip back to Colorado from Phoenix. I went through and logged the curves from the latter half of the day, and it was very clear that...
  12. SeaGeo

    Seattle area PPF and detailing shops?

    Anyone have a shop they recommend?
  13. SeaGeo

    Status of Current Charging Curves

    Thanks to a few folks who've posted charging curves with their R1T, I thought I'd go through and plot them up against some other 400v class vehicles for a frame of reference. So far from what I've seen, the R1T charging performance up to about 50% seems pretty good and is limited by...
  14. SeaGeo

    Normal Delivery

    Looks like they may have already started some factory deliveries. https://m.facebook.com/andy.keighin.1?groupid=293922888228474
  15. SeaGeo

    Lucid vs Rivian delivered products

    Rivian shipped without tire pressure readouts. The Lucid shipped without... safety features...? I'm sure they'll be there quickly with the Lucid, but holy hell can I only imagine the shit storm people would be raising if the R1T shipped without these. Also, apparently car play and nav isnt...
  16. SeaGeo

    Real World Range Numbers – From R1T Owners

    I don't think I've seen this discussed here, but someone asked what people are getting, and at least a couple of owners responded. If these numbers generally hold up, I'd say that's absolutely excellent given the EPA ratings. I had recently been wondering how one of the owners has been making a...
  17. SeaGeo

    Illinois Tax Credit

    Saw this on another forum, and thought I'd share in case anyone who's in Illinois hadn't seen it. Sometimes having a later order pays! "To help make it happen, the state is offering a $4,000 rebate if you buy an EV in Illinois, and rebates of up to 80% for the cost to install a charging...
  18. SeaGeo

    Rivian is doing itself a disservice by not publishing a charging curve

    This Is going to be a little bit of a hot take, but the little snippets of charging screens that the employees keep showing at charging stations is doing more harm than good. Much of the time they're pulling like 50kw, and seemingly thinks that's fine. And then when one does show a reasonable...
  19. SeaGeo

    January/Feb delivery windows

    Alright you lucky fee, has anyone seen any progress on their delivery?
  20. SeaGeo

    Rivian App initial walk-through from owner.

    A quick look at the initial introduction that the App has for owners.