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  1. SciGuy

    Hitch tow hook recommendations?

    Anyone have any recommendations for a hitch tow hook for recovery purposes?
  2. SciGuy

    Official noodle of Rivian?

    s=0==0=n noodles actually available now!
  3. SciGuy

    Nasdaq-100 removal of RIVN confirmed June 20th

    Looks like it’s actually happening. It will be interesting to see how much more the stock drops. https://www.thestreet.com/electric-vehicles/battered-electric-vehicle-maker-rivian-hit-by-major-blow-in-battle-to-rival-tesla
  4. SciGuy

    How many miles to expect on the odometer for a new delivery?

    I’m about to take delivery of an R1T from my local SC and the tech there said my VIN already has over 30 miles. While not a lot, it still seems like more than I would expect for a brand new vehicle as I’ve previously seen 5 to 10 miles on brand new cars I’ve bought. Maybe they’re doing more...
  5. SciGuy

    Bricked Rivian in depth (Now You Know Channel)

    A terrible set of experiences with 12 volt battery failures documented in this YouTube video. What are your thoughts on their complaints about Rivian CS claiming “certified tow trucks” and charging owners for what should be covered under warranty? Do you think 12V issues is Rivian’s biggest...
  6. SciGuy

    Will R1 automatically accept charge after a power outage to the EVSE?

    Does anyone know if the R1 vehicles will automatically accept charge from an EVSE when power is restored after an outage? For example the EnelX Juicebox or ChargePoint HomeFlex will automatically restart and try to send charge to the connected vehicle after power is restored after an outage...
  7. SciGuy

    ChatGPT to summarize long forum threads

    There are so many interesting yet really long threads here on the forum, I’m wondering if the admins have considered using ChatGPT to summarize them to produce TLDRs? https://openai.com/product
  8. SciGuy

    20 inch AT wheels only selectable with all-terrain upgrade

    I just got the invitation email to configure my R1T (reservation placed June 2022). The configurator only allows 20 inch AT wheel selection with the All-terrain upgrade which includes the underbody protection and spare tire. Likewise, if you want the 21 in or 22 in wheels then the underbody...