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  1. Cybertruck Laugh of the Day

  2. Looking for PNW paint advice: Car got scraped while parked at shopping center

    I have an R1T. There is PPF in certain places from the factory (e.g. gear tunnel door, just behind front wheel, etc.). I don't know if there's any equivalent default PPF on an R1S. But it really does look more like PPF tearing than paint damage. To me, at least.
  3. Doomsday Faraday Shield Tent for your Rivian

    Rivian works just fine out of cell phone range. You do lose some mapping detail (some maps are cached) and routing ability, and of course streaming music, etc. But the vehicle works just fine. And it knows where you are because GPS doesn't require an internet connection ... Caveat, I've only...
  4. Looking for PNW paint advice: Car got scraped while parked at shopping center

    Assholes. Is there PPF on that? It kind of looks that way - if so then it's not really damaged, just need new plastic film. But I don't know the R1S has PPF and if your picture is one of those places.
  5. Charging on a 3 prong 240 outlet

    Dude, just look at where you are ... Spending a little extra time charging tomorrow morning is a small price to pay. Live and learn, but enjoy what's in front of you right now. Oh, and while you're there ... don't forget to visit Exploding Whale Park!
  6. Doomsday Faraday Shield Tent for your Rivian

    And how are you going to charge it after that EMP attack? Unless you have off-grid energy generation/charger/storage that is ALSO inside one of these fancy doohickeys? And good luck with that PAAK.
  7. Michelin Defender LTX Platinum tires review update!

    You could just as well have updated that other thread, and it would have been just as visible as this one. There are >130 posts in that other thread. By opening up a new thread and pretending that other one doesn't exist you're being disrespectful to everyone who tried to contribute to that...
  8. Swap out - or not?

    From a cost perspective, I don't think it makes sense. There's nothing wrong with the Pirellis. The LTX AT2 is also an All Terrain tire, and there's no compelling data to show that it gets any better mileage than the Pirellis. Yes, a set of AS tires instead of the AT Pirellis could probably...
  9. Towing + Efficiency: Please post your experience!

    I frankly don't know of any travel trailer company who has put as much effort into aerodynamics as Safari Condo did with the A2124. So what you're saying is that you know better than the design team that did aerodynamic modeling and testing on that trailer to make it as aerodynamic as possible...
  10. We are here to listen! Share you ideas for rims' design.

    I want spinners.
  11. R1S Towing Camper Trailer?

    You could try the search function on this site - a lot of people have spent a lot of time and effort to document their towing experiences.
  12. Front camera should come on when sensor is triggered?

    I personally don't want the camera view to automatically change on me while I'm driving. If want to change it, it's trivial to have Alexa do it for me hands free. Guidelines in the front camera view would be useful though, as an option.
  13. New Owner - missing accessories!

    I've rarely seen anyone reporting missing items like this, but in all cases Rivian seems to have replaced the missing items.
  14. Had pick up scheduled for Tomorrow, Rivian calls says:

    Then say no, I want my vehicle tomorrow. Simple as that - you'll get exactly what you paid for and get it exactly when you expected. Sounds like what you want.
  15. Had pick up scheduled for Tomorrow, Rivian calls says:

    Wow, just say yes or no. No need to invent some conspiracy theory and compare them to drug addicts and criminals. If you don't like the offer on Saturday then don't take it and stick with your original vehicle. The front-end people have to live with the corporate rules you know - if Rivian...
  16. Rivian NACS Adapters begin arriving!

    If you haven't received the address confirmation email you need to contact Rivian. Those were all supposed to be mailed 4 April,
  17. Conflict at the Supercharger

    In my R1T I take up EXACTLY one parking spot and use EXACTLY one charger. This apologizing for using "two" chargers is part of what I'm talking about. The spots to either side of me are free for any other Rivian to use. The only way the "two spots" argument has any merit is if all the other...