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  1. Sevn86

    Would you Sell to Carmax for 72k or Private Sell for Possibly 76-78k?

    So I’m looking to sell my 2023 Rivian R1S Launch Edition and Carmax Offered me 72k. I have 21,245 miles on it. Super clean and new tires with less than 700 miles on them. Car has so many upgrades both factory accessories and aftermarket. What do yall suggest I do? Sell to Carmax and save the...
  2. Sevn86

    Anyone with Factory PPF Have Pictures Up Close?

    Hello RF members, I’m sure this has been asked and discussed earlier, but for some reason when I searched, I didn’t see what I was looking for or maybe I didn’t search correctly at all. Anyways for those of you that opted for the factory installed PPF, do y’all have close up pictures you can...
  3. Sevn86

    Rear Window Trim Sticking Out on Both Sides

    Hi RF members, Can y’all please post pics of the rear of your R1S? See mine below. I went to look at my R1S and for some reason it was the only one with the silver trim sticking out when you face the back of the vehicle. All 8 others were much more flush. Also noticed 7 other things wrong with...