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  1. White Shadow

    I want an R12S or maybe an R1S2?

    Anyone else think that a combination of the R1S and the R2 would make the perfect SUV? I know it's not going to happen, but if I were going to design MY perfect Rivian SUV it would be this combination: Start with an R1S, but shorten it to be a 2 row vehicle. Otherwise keep the dimensions and...
  2. White Shadow

    All Electric Landscapers

    Just got a flyer in my mailbox for a local landscape company that uses nothing but electric equipment. They have battery powered commerical grade zero turn mowers, as well as Ego brand weedwackers, blowers, smaller mowers, etc... It's an interesting idea. Anyone else have local guys doing...
  3. White Shadow

    R2 0-60 <3 seconds?

    So I guess the R2 tri-motor will be the hotrod of the Rivian line-up? Or do you think the R3 will be the accleration king if it also gets a tri-motor setup? Also, no mention of the rear charge port on the R2 during the livestream today?
  4. White Shadow

    Stock strategy before the R2 reveal

    With Rivian's stock price hovering around $10 - $11, does it make sense to dump a bunch of cash into Rivian stock today or tomorrow and try to catch the theoretical wave that may happen after the R2 reveal? If the leaked specs are correct, it seems like the R2 will be a big winner for Rivian...
  5. White Shadow

    Air Suspension Technical Info?

    I wanted to do some research on the air suspension system used by Rivian, but I can't find much info at all. What do we know about it so far? Is it a closed system that uses nitrogen in an onboard pressure tank, similar to what Jeep uses? Or is it an open system that uses ambient air without a...
  6. White Shadow

    EV Dave - ranting about Rivian's navigation/DC fast charging software

    Does anyone watch EV Dave's YouTube videos? If not, he's an older gentleman who has had (and still has) many EVs including several Tesla vehicles, a Mach E, a Lightning, and also an R1T. I haven't watched his videos lately, but he posted a series of videos recently about road tripping his R1T...