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  1. SoCal Rob

    Will non-Tesla NACS EVs face limitations with Superchargers?

    If I missed earlier discussion about this please post a link to the relevant post or thread. I was wondering if future NACS-equipped Rivians, and other EV brands with native NACS support, will face the same limitations with Supercharging that CCS vehicles with the NACS adapter face today: no V1...
  2. SoCal Rob

    Kudos to Rivian!

    How did they keep two entire products under the radar until this announcement in today’s world?! That was almost as impressive as the vehicles themselves. Bravo on all counts, Rivian!
  3. SoCal Rob

    Critical Battery Error! DON’T PANIC

    The Setup We’re in Palm Springs for a 4-day weekend and after a side-trip to the high desert yesterday I went to charge today for the drive home tomorrow. I went to the Blink chargers, started charging, and then got to work on email while I waited. A short time later a Hyundai Ioniq 5 driver...
  4. SoCal Rob

    First longish road trip

    We took our first long (a little over 560 miles total) road trip in our R1S this weekend, from Orange County to Paso Robles and back. Before leaving I removed our temporary spare and put our full-size spare behind the 3rd row, just in case. I used ratchet straps to secure it to the tie downs on...
  5. SoCal Rob

    R1S Spare Tire Well: Velcro Strap?

    Does anyone know what this strap is for? There is a molded rectangular platform below it so I think Rivian was planning to store something there vertically but maybe they abandoned whatever they were planning. 🤷‍♂️ Did anyone ever see a reference to something going there?
  6. SoCal Rob

    Battery bank in place of camp speaker?

    Given the lack of any power points forward of the center console storage on newer builds and the opinion many seem to express that they don’t need a camp speaker, I wonder if Rivian (or someone else) could use the existing space for a removable battery bank with USB-C PD and 12V automotive...
  7. SoCal Rob

    Why not put the battery temperature on the battery?

    I don’t understand why we have a line drawing of the battery and a whole tile devoted to battery temperature. Does anyone else think it would be better to do something like this crude mockup so that a tile is freed up for something else?
  8. SoCal Rob

    Puddle lights with compass logo virtual in 360° view?

    I don’t think this has been discussed but maybe I’m not searching well. Has anyone else noticed that the puddle lights with compass logo are virtual in the overhead view of the vehicle? I can’t figure out why Rivian went to the trouble of doing this, but it’s an interesting detail. For...
  9. SoCal Rob

    Camp Speaker Wi-Fi (not Bluetooth)

    I searched here and couldn’t find anything for this so I thought I‘d create a new post. If this was discussed somewhere and I missed it please post a link and I’ll ask to have this thread closed. Maybe I never noticed this before but when viewing Wi-Fi networks on an iPhone, Rivian Camp Speaker...
  10. SoCal Rob

    App Charging Session Info Time?

    Am I the only one who’d like to see a change in the time portion of the Rivian App? This is what I see: It took me 11hr 46 min to add 78 miles (39 kWh)… except it didn’t. The vehicle was connected to a charger for 11hr 46 min but it was only charging for 6 hours. At least I hope it was charging...
  11. SoCal Rob

    First Time Taking Our R1S on a Trail

    I wasn't really planning to make a video so this was shot on my phone through the windshield, sorry about the bugs! My camera work is shaky, and my video editing skills are... barely adequate. Still, I figured I'd share my experience. This wasn't a challenging trail for the most part. My...
  12. SoCal Rob

    What if Tesla spun off the SuperCharger network to an independent company and gave up the NACS to an independent organization?

    I’ve been reading the back-and-forth on the various charging threads and I’ve been trying to come up with a solution which makes most people happy. As if. The closest I got is this: Tesla spins off the SuperCharger network into a separate profit-driven company so there is no favoritism among...
  13. SoCal Rob

    If you’re taking delivery… hope yours goes as well as ours did!

    If you’re taking delivery soon then I hope yours goes as well as ours did! Things went very smoothly. Way, way better than any other new car buying experience I've had. Everything looks great, and it is nearly flawless as far as I can tell. There is one minor issue: when the lift gate opens it...
  14. SoCal Rob

    Launch Edition with All Terrain Package?

    I’ve been wondering about the R1 Shop vehicles which are a Launch Edition with the All Terrain Package. It wasn’t possible to order that configuration, was it? I could be mistaken but I’m pretty sure the All Terrain Package as being shipped (underbody shield, 20” wheel with all terrain tires...
  15. SoCal Rob

    3 Zone Climate Control?

    Something caught my eye in https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/r1s-dim-reverse-lights-fixed.13905/ “The Heat and Air system has been split into 3 zones! The second and third row seats have separate climate controls.” I did a quick search for this and didn’t see anything on the forum that...
  16. SoCal Rob

    For Fans of “The Expanse” and Rivians

    So I was watching The Expanse during my lunch and I noticed something about Naomi Nagata’s tattoos. Sorry for the crappy pic but the Prime Video app won’t permit a screen shot on an iPad. Zoom! Enhance! (Or whatever they used on Blade Runner) While not exactly the Rivian logo, it looks like...
  17. SoCal Rob

    MSNBC Article: Rivian Falls Apart

    My mom asked if I’d seen this MSNBC article Rivian Falls Apart, which I hadn’t. I’ll be as kind as I can be and simply write that it seems heavily biased to me. Did anyone else see this and have any thoughts?
  18. SoCal Rob

    If anyone wants a Rivian-themed serving dish...

    I saw these at IKEA and I thought they looked like Rivian stadium headlights. They come in different sizes but I thought the 9-1/2" x 5" looked about right without a Rivian present for comparison. Link: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/ikea-365-serving-plate-white-20278365/
  19. SoCal Rob

    Hypothetical Sunroof Delete Option Poll

    If Rivian offered an option to replace the sunroof glass with a piece of paintable, rigid material the same size and shape as the existing glass so there is no view of the sky, would you be interested? This assumes the material (metal, composite, etc.) would be painted on the outside and be...
  20. SoCal Rob

    Torch / Flashlight: Notification if missing?

    For those who already have their R1, I was wondering: Does the vehicle notify you that the flashlight is missing from the driver’s door when you get into the car or take it out of Park? I’m asking because Rivian has the ability to lock the camp speaker in place, but as far as I know the...